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Download the Latest Medibang Paint 2019 (Free Download)

Medibang Paint is software for making comics and digital painting. This software is free but the number of features it has is quite impressive such as cloud storage, hundreds of materials for use in making comics, quite innovative snap features, layers, and some comic templates.

All features are free but features related to cloud storage require you to create an account. The account creation itself is done through Medibang Paint. You can register using a Facebook, Google or email account.

Medibang Paint Feature

 Download the Latest Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint Display


Snap function is to create a kind of pattern that is used as a guide in draw a line. As long as Snap is activated, the lines created will always follow the existing pattern. For example, if you activate Parallel Snap, each line you draw will always be a parallel diagonal line.

There are several types of Snap. In addition to Parallel Snap, there is also the name Crisscross Snap to make lines that intersect each other, Radial Snap to paint a collection of straight lines originating from or leading to a central point, and Curved Line to make ellipses.


There are more than 55 brushes, each of which can be adjusted as needed. For example Acrylic which can be changed its density or Mapping Pen which can be used to draw several lines at once.

Hundreds of brushes are also available at Medibang Paint's cloud storage which can be downloaded directly from the software. All brushes can only be downloaded after you have created an account at Medibang Paint. In addition, you can also add your own brush to Medibang Paint.

Shortcut Key

There are a number of shortcut keys to do several things such as choosing Snap, zoom, flip, duplicate layers, save files, print, add layer, activate the magic wand, etc. Each shortcut key can be deleted or replaced.

Cloud Storage

Medibang Paint provides cloud storage services for each user. This cloud storage is used to store comics or pictures that you make so that you can access them from various places via the internet. Any settings that you apply, such as brush size, will also be synchronized.

Download the Latest Medibang Paint

In addition, you can also collaborate with other users through the cloud to complete comics or other projects. Various materials are also available in the cloud that you can use to produce professional images. The material in question includes background, font, tone, and brush.

For those of you who are beginners, the official website of Medibang Paint provides a collection of tutorials and tips and tricks such as how to dye hair with watercolor, draw kimono, how to make comic panels and etc. Besides that, Medibang Paint account on Twitter has also released tutorials several times. Download the latest and free Medibang Paint via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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