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Download the Latest Mcomix 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Mcomix Developer: Mcomix
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 22MB

Pretty much comic also available in a digital version so that it can be downloaded and stored on a computer. If in the past you had to make a bookshelf and must be diligent in cleaning it regularly, now only with a laptop, you can already have, read and carry your comic collection wherever you go.

To read these digital comics on a laptop or PC, you can use Mcomix. This freeware that is regularly updated also provides a feature to monitor folders. Every comic and other types of ebook that are detected will be included in the library for further management.

Features and Benefits of Mcomix

 Download the Latest Mcomix

Display of the Latest Mcomix

When you open a comic, automatically every page will be displayed as thumbnails in the sidebar. Mcomix also displays numbers next to each thumbnail to make it easier for you to browse the thumbnail pages.

The contents of the comic itself can be read in Single Page mode (to display one page) or Double Page (to display two pages at the same time) . The second mode is intended for users who have widescreen monitors in the hope that reading will feel more natural. How to activate it is by pressing the letter "d" on the keyboard or by clicking on the button provided.

To read manga or comics whose storyline is displayed from right to left, there is a special mode, namely Manga mode. Once this mode is activated, the page position will be immediately reversed. The keyboard shortcut for Manga mode is the letter "m".

The next mode is Best Fit Page to view one or two pages as a whole, Fit Width to display pages that are adjusted based on window widths, Fit Height to adjust page views based on window height, Fit to Size to change the page size according to what you have specified in the Preferences menu, and Manual to zoom in and out of the page by pressing the plus and min buttons on the keyboard.

Each interface component such as menu bar, toolbar, status bar, scrollbar and thumbnails can be removed to maximize reading space. You can choose any component that needs to be removed or you can hide it all.

Download the Latest Mcomix

In Full Screen mode, all interface components are hidden automatically so that only pages are visible on the screen. Whereas in Windowed mode, you can press the letter "i" to hide all the components so that only the title bar and comic pages are visible.

Thanks to the support of keyboard shortcuts, you can switch modes quickly without using the mouse at all. The complete list of all these shortcuts is located in the Shortcuts menu. Each command, option and mode in Mcomix can have up to four keyboard shortcuts. Download the latest and free Mcomix via the link below:


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