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Download the Latest MakeHuman 2019 (Free Download)

The development of technology made everything that was difficult previously easy to do, including in terms of making realistic characters for games, anime or other animation projects. MakeHuman is able to prove this fact well.

MakeHuman, which debuted as a plugin for Blender, is software created to make it easier for you to create 3D characters. Large file size but you don't need to install.

MakeHuman Features and Benefits

 Download the Latest MakeHuman

Latest MakeHuman Display

MakeHuman displays a message in the form of a warning that the software will display personal areas on the body such as breast parts . You must click Yes to confirm it so that you can immediately use MakeHuman.

On the front of the MakeHuman you can manage several things related to body anatomy such as body weight, gender, muscle mass, race, body proportion, age and height. Changes occur in real time every time you move one of the slider buttons. For example, if you move the age button until it is stuck to the left, the character model that appears in the middle will change to resemble children.

You can adjust almost every part of the body in detail. Face, feet, hands, teeth, hair, skin, eyes, eyebrows, tongue, head, nose, chin and so on. For hair, for example, you can choose several hair style styles such as braid, bob, long straight hair, ponytail which is also called ponytail, etc.

So detailed, you can also adjust the size and proportion of breasts, including level of firmness and shape. Much more detailed than teeth that only include a few tooth models.

You can also add accessories such as clothes that include shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, several pairs of shoes and hats. The amount is very small, but you can add clothing by downloading it from the official MakeHuman website.

The site provides a special page containing the MakeHuman extension gallery in thumbnail form, each of which you can download and then place it in MakeHuman as a material. [19659006] The gallery unfortunately does not provide a means to download several materials at once. You must install a special plugin for it. With this plugin, you can download all the material you need directly from MakeHuman.

Download the Latest MakeHuman

MakeHuman provides several camera settings to change the shooting angle so that you can see character models from various sides. Front View to see characters from the front, Back View to see the back of characters, Right View and Left View to see characters from the right and left sides, Bottom View to see characters from the bottom, and Reset Camera to return the camera to the default position . There is also a Grab Screen feature for taking screenshots saved in PNG format.

Characters can also be displayed in various action poses such as kicking, hitting, lunging, preparing to attack, and flying poses. While the other poses available are sitting poses, standing with legs crossed, standing with his hands on his hips and standing while lifting one foot. Download the latest and free MakeHuman via the link below:


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