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Download the Latest LockHunter 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest LockHunter Developer: LockHunter
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 3MB

LockHunter is one of the software License: Freeware Size: 3MB

LockHunter is one of the software free that works to delete files that have been blocked by something that the user does not know. LockHunter is a software that is useful for combating malware and other programs that block files for no reason. Unlike other similar tools, LockHunter deletes files in the trash so that users can still restore them if deleted accidentally.

Files that will be deleted by this user are files that are currently running or in use. This file cannot be deleted if the file is still running and the user has not closed the file program. The thing that is usually done by users is to immediately close all program files associated with the file.

LockHunter Features

 Download the Latest LockHunter

Display of the Latest LockHunter

  • The first feature of this software called LockHunter i.e. able to display processes that lock certain files or folders. This will make it easier for users to find files in certain folders without having to search for it. This is because the file you are looking for has been locked by the LockHunter software.
  • The second feature of the software called LockHunter is being able to unlock, delete, copy, and change the names of files that have been locked.
  • Third feature of the LockHunter software which is able to stop the process that locks the file.
  • The fourth feature of LockHunter software is the ability to delete processes that lock files from the hard drive. If the user has a problem with the file being locked on the hard disk then with LockHunter this can save the user's file from the hard disk even though the file has been locked. This will help users to save files that may be very important.
  • The fifth feature of the LockHunter software is integrated into the context Explorer menu.
  • The sixth feature of the LockHunter software is being able to delete files that are locked in Recycle Bin to be restored if needed again. Users do not need to worry if they accidentally delete a folder. By using the LockHunter software, users can restore it through the Recycle Bin by restoring it if needed.
  • The seventh feature of this LockHunter software is that it supports 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows so that users don't have to worry about bit size on the bits Windows.

Download the Latest LockHunter

The next problem is if the file still cannot be deleted even though the user has deleted it, even though the user has closed the program file. The easiest way that users can do is to restart a computer or laptop first.

Cases like the one above are very easy to solve using LockHunter software. LockHunter will help make it easier for users to delete the file. To find out more about the features of LockHunter, here are some features that users need to know. Download the latest and free LockHunter via the link below:


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