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Download the Latest LinuxLive USB Creator 2019 (Free Download)

No need to bother trying Linux. Download the Linux distribution you want, then boot Linux directly from a USB drive. You can even run Linux directly in Windows like running other software. This is all possible thanks to the LinuxLive USB Creator.

You don't even need to search the distro to download it on the internet first because it can be done directly in LinuxLive USB Creator, unless the distro is not contained in the list.

Features of LinuxLive USB Creator

 Download LinuxLive USB Creator [19659004] Display LinuxLive USB Creator </p>
<p> In just five steps you can create a Live USB that contains the Linux operating system. In the LinuxLive USB Creator interface you can immediately see what steps you have to go through. These five steps start first by selecting the USB drive that you want to use. </p>
<p> In the second step, you can choose the Linux distribution that you want to install on the USB drive. The list of distributions is very long but grouped so that it is rather easy to trace, but unfortunately it is not sorted alphabetically and is not equipped with a search feature. </p>
<p> Distros listed in the list include official Ubuntu variants such as Lubuntu and Kubuntu, Ubuntu-based variants such as  Linux Mint  and Elementary OS, Debian and Fedora variants, and light distros such as Damn Small Linux, Slack, Puppy Linux, Tiny Core etc. </p>
<p> The distro you choose next can start downloading. To speed up downloads, previously LinuxLive USB Creator will look for the fastest mirror. </p>
<p> LinuxLive USB Creator can also install Linux from an ISO file or CD if your computer is not connected to the internet or if the distro you are looking for is not on the list so you have to look for it on the web. The ISO file that you download can also be checked for integrity to ensure the file is not corrupted. </p>
<p> The third step is the stage where you can use the persistence feature to save files and install software when using Linux from a USB drive. Without this feature, all the files that you store on the USB drive will disappear once the device is removed from the computer. </p>
<p> In step four, activating the option "enable launching Linux Live in Windows (requires internet to install)" will make LinuxLive USB Creator download VirtualBox which is later used to run Linux directly inside Windows without restarting. In this stage you can also format the drive to FAT32 before moving to the final stage where you can start Linux installation on a USB drive. </p>
<h2><strong> Download LinuxLive USB Creator </strong></h2>
<p> No doubt, LinuxLive USB Creator provides one easy way to use Linux. Insert the USB drive, select the distro, determine the amount of capacity for persistent storage, activate the desired extra options, then start the installation. After going through this procedure, the USB drive is ready to use to run Linux. Download the latest and free LinuxLive USB Creator via the link below: </p>
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