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Download the Latest Kigo Video Converter 2019 (Free Download)

 Download Kigo Video Converter Developer: Kigosoft
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 19MB

Quite a number of reasons why You need software to change video formats like Kigo Video Converter. One of them, maybe a friend asks you to send certain videos in MP4 format, even though the video he asked for is a video in MOV format.

Kigo Video Converter may not be a versatile video converter, but Kigosoft's software is easy to use and what it can do is enough to handle situations like the one above where you have to convert videos as fast as possible.

Kigo Video Features Converter

 Download Kigo Video Converter

Display of Kigo Video Converter

Kigo Video Converter provides a brief guide that shows four simple steps to use it, starting from the process of inserting a video, choosing a video or audio format, choosing an output storage location, up to finally running the conversion process.

There are two conditions for inserting files into Kigo Video Converter for conversion. First, the file format must match the file format supported by Kigo Video Converter. Secondly, the lack of support for Unicode to make files whose names use certain foreign languages ​​such as Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and Korean, will not be recognized by Kigo Video Converter. The message "Invalid Video File" will appear if you try to insert the files. That's why you have to change the file name first by using Latin letters.

Kigo Video Converter provides a preview panel for watching videos. The screen size is very small but it should be sufficient because its function is only to review video content. If there is a certain video that makes you doubt, you can check it with this preview feature to make sure the video is the video that you really want to convert.

Kigo Video Converter does not provide presets but you can still change the frame rate, codecs, resolution and bitrate. For MP4 format, there are three kinds of codecs, namely x264, mpeg4 and xvid. The number of codecs for the audio is the same which includes aac, ac3 and mp3. If you want to use a preset, this feature is only available for Kigo Video Converter Pro.

The only extra feature available in the freeware version of Kigo Video Converter is the feature to turn off the PC or laptop automatically after the conversion process ends. There are no other options such as hibernating, sleep or running certain software.

Download Kigo Video Converter

After selecting the file format, the next step which is the final stage is to run video conversion. Since Kigo Video Converter supports batch conversion, all videos will be converted sequentially, so you don't need to repeatedly press the Convert button.

All conversion results are automatically saved in another folder so that the original files remain safe. Thus, the files can be converted again at a later time if needed. Download the latest and free Kigo Video Converter via the link below:


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