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Download the Latest JetAudio 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest JetAudio Developer: JetAudio, Inc.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 34MB

JetAudio is filled with Windows powerful features that make it categorized as an all-in-one multimedia software. Free, but powerful. The number of users who download it is fantastic, which is more than 27 million downloads.

By using JetAudio, you can listen to music, watch video clips to foreign language films complete with subtitles, convert multimedia formats, edit tags, listen to online radio and create playlists. The rest you can see below.

Features and Benefits of JetAudio

 Download the Latest JetAudio

Latest JetAudio Display

JetAudio has three display modes for different purposes. The first display mode is intended to manage files while listening to music, the second display mode is only to listen to music, while the last is to watch videos and listen to songs.

Users will immediately be asked to choose the display mode when JetAudio is run for the first time. Each mode has its own variations. For example, in the first mode there is the Media Center + Toolbar, Media Center + Main Window, Media Center Only.

The intended toolbar is small but its length fills the screen from left to right and is located below the screen, precisely at top of the taskbar. Its function is to regulate music playback such as lowering the volume, pause, stop and such, and at the same time as a shortcut to access several other features. If its presence is disturbing, this toolbar can be removed.

JetAudio is quite interesting but not very user-friendly. User-experienced users might be able to easily find the preferences menu to set JetAudio, but general users might find it a bit difficult to find it because of its hidden location.

Additionally the JetAudio window has two X buttons. The first is to close the window without exiting from JetAudio, while the second to turn off JetAudio. The location of the two buttons are close to each other and the size is so small that some of you may often click wrong at first.

To listen to music, there is an equalizer and sound effect available to improve audio quality. You can use the presets provided or adjust the equalizer manually and then save it as a separate preset with a different name. You can also select multiple folders and set JetAudio to monitor all of them. Thus, every file that enters these folders will be added automatically to the track list.

Download the Latest JetAudio

As for video playback, JetAudio includes several renderers such as DirectX, EVR, and MadVR. Some filters are also included such as Sharpen and Denoise. Saturation, bright-ness, contrast and hue can be adjusted with the slider.

If there is a video that has not yet been watched, JetAudio will save the playback session. When you watch the same video again, JetAudio will automatically resume the video from the previous minute's position. So, if the video stops before the fifth minute, then the video will immediately resume starting from the fifth minute. Download the latest and free JetAudio via the link below:


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