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Download the Latest ISO Recorder 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest ISO Recorder Developer: Alex Feinman
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 400KB

ISO files are usually made to copy the contents of a CD or DVD in full, then mount it in File Explorer so that it appears as a virtual drive. The goal is that users do not have to insert a DVD into the optical drive many times. Besides being far more practical, DVDs are spared from the risk of damage. There are also those who make ISO files to be distributed on the internet which on average contain the operating system installation files.

To create an ISO file, you need a special software. The choices are quite a lot. If you are looking for a simple ISO maker software, compatible with almost all versions of Windows and also capable of burning ISO files, then the right choice is ISO Recorder.

ISO Recorder Features

 Download the Latest ISO Recorder

Latest ISO Recorder Display

ISO Recorder adds two options in the File Explorer context menu. The first one appears when you right-click on a folder or CD, while the others appear when you click on an ISO file.

When the folder or CD is right-clicked, ISO Recorder raises the option to create an ISO file from that folder or CD. When the right-click is an ISO file, ISO Recorder displays the option to burn the file to a CD.

Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Vista have included features for burning, so the burning feature provided by ISO Recorder is no longer needed for all of these versions unless you feel more comfortable using ISO Recorder. How to burn and create an ISO file with ISO Recorder is not complicated at all. Run File Explorer, then right-click on the folder, select the "Create ISO image file" option in the context menu, and click the Next button. The burning steps are a bit different but it's just as easy.

The ISO file that you have created can be mounted so you can try to browse its contents. Since ISO Recorder does not provide a feature to mount ISO, you must use other software. Software to mount ISO is very easy to find on the internet and almost all of them are licensed freeware.

Download the Latest ISO Recorder

Users of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 do not need to look for other software because all three versions are equipped with mount features. There are at least three ways to do this, namely by double clicking on the ISO file, right clicking on the ISO file then selecting the Mount option, or clicking on the ISO file then clicking on the Mount icon on the ribbon in File Explorer.

In closing, for those of you who want to make ISO files as fast and practical as possible, then use ISO Recorder. If there are problems when using it and you cannot solve it yourself, you can open the official ISO Recorder website and read the FAQ page that contains a collection of problems surrounding the software and its solutions. Download the latest and free X via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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