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Download the Latest ICQ 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest ICQ Developer: ICQ Inc.
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 54MB

ICQ is software cross-platform instant messaging using an internet network is almost similar to whatsapp. The name ICQ comes from the English phrase "I Seek You" which means I am looking for you. There are many features found in the ICQ software including cellular communication, voice and video, group chat, free daily SMS sending (limited), file transfer sending greeting cards, video game play, and user search features.

Users can also use emoticons when chatting with other users using ICQ. Apart from that, users can choose their own avatar for their profile page. In this way, they can protect their privacy.

ICQ is very popular in Europe in everyday life making this device a very important influence in European popular culture, especially in Poland. One of them is in the work of a novel made by a Polish national called Samotność w sieci (Loneliness in Net). In the novel, the protagonist finds someone through ICQ until they become lovers.

ICQ Features and Strengths

 Download the Latest ICQ

The Latest ICQ Display

Among the newest additional features in ICQ is Quick IM , which allows users to send short messages without opening a conversation window. In addition ICQ also provides additional services and content products for all users, among others:

  • ICQ TV, which is a channel that broadcasts content for teens who are always updated 24 hours a day.
  • ICQ SIM Card (in collaboration with United Mobile), namely a SIM card that allows users to travel throughout Europe using their cellphones while getting a discount.
  • ICQ Game Center, a gaming platform that allows users to play with other users.
  • ICQ2Go, Web instant messaging options (such as whatsapp web) for users who cannot download programs to a computer for various security or firewall reasons.
  • ICQ for Mac 9 (Beta) — Launched in February 2010, a version developed using the Adobe AIR platform, making it usable on additional operating systems which supports the AIR runtime, such as Linux.

ICQ users are identified by a number called the UI term N or Universal Internet Number . UIN is used as the username when the user registers for ICQ. When first registering, users will get a UIN consisting of five digit numbers. users can also log in using the email address used during the registration process.

Download the Latest ICQ

Unlike the instant messaging or other web applications, ICQ uses UIN as permanent information. In addition, users can also change all their personal information without having to re-register.

Recent developments made by ICQ, including cooperation with AIM. Since 2000, ICQ and AIM users have been able to add each other to the contact list. Download the latest and free ICQ through the link below:


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