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Download the Latest HJSplit 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest HJSplit Developer: FreeByte
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 190KB

Download HJSplit – Files that failed to upload because they stopped in the middle of the road usually have to be uploaded again from the beginning. The causes are often unexpected. Power cuts, servers that have errors, internet connections are lost, or others. In order not to repeat uploads from scratch, one solution is to split large files into several small files. That's why you need HJSplit.

After the file is broken, you can upload the pieces. Thus, if your internet connection suddenly dies, at least there are already a number of uploaded files so you no longer need to upload everything from the beginning. As for combining the files, you don't need to look for other software because HJSplit can do it too.

Features and Benefits of HJSplit

 Download the Latest HJSplit

Latest HJSplit Display

1. Breaking files into sections

Only three steps are needed to break files with HJSplit. The three steps include choosing the file to be broken down, determining the size of the file, and then ending by pressing the Start button. The results are stored in the same folder as the original file, but you can also save them to another folder if necessary.

2. Combining files

The steps to combining files are almost the same as how to break files as reviewed above. In essence, you only need to enter the first file, the file with the extension .001, then press the Start button and wait until it's finished.

Remember, this feature is only for combining pieces of files that are part of a file that is usually sized large, and each of these pieces has extensions in the form of sequential numbers such as .001, .002, .003 and so on. In other words, this feature cannot be used to combine pdf or other files.

3. Comparing files

HJSplit also provides a feature intended to ensure that the files that are combined produce the same file as the original file. The method is to compare the merged file with the original file before uploading it.

Whereas the other method is to use a checksum that can be sent along with all the pieces of the file to the recipient of the file. Checkum information can also be displayed on your web page so that anyone who downloads the files can check it.

Download the Latest HJSplit

HJSplit can be run from a USB drive because it doesn't need to be installed and can be used on any computer because it doesn't require rights admin, except for computers that block any software running from an external drive.

There is one correct word to describe HJSplit as a whole. Practical. The file size is less than 200KB, portable, the main features are clearly displayed, the output storage location is automatically determined, the absence of extra features is interesting but actually not so important, all of that makes HJSplit a software that is properly used – practical right. Download the latest and free HJSplit via the link below:


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