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Download the Latest HD Tune 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest HD Tune Developer: EFD Software
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2MB

HD Tune is a license a software whose main function is to check how well the computer or PC hard drive is performing. During the check, HD Tune will scan for error elements from the hardware caused by various factors.

In general the software also functions properly when deleting data detected as bad sectors. PC health can also be restored, especially in the S.M.R.T. system

There are several updates to the software so that it can be adjusted and applied to the most recent operating system. So, all versions of the operating system will have no difficulty installing HD Tune from the old to the latest version according to its capacity.

Update on the HD Tune Feature and Its Use

 Download the Latest HD Tune

Display the Latest HD Tune

Development of options the latest HD Tune which makes it the best scanner software because it has a variety of features. Although the software has multifunctional capabilities, it does not reduce its performance and function. Because the update is focused on a number of things that are common, as well as improving some elements that are less than the maximum in the previous version.

HD Tune can be installed to various operating systems, such as Windows 7 to Windows 10. The installation is done by testing in stages and continuously so that produced a completely new version of HD Tune. Although its features are not much different from before, but its performance and capacity have increased. The following is an important explanation of the updated features as well as their uses.

1. General Update

General update, carried out by increasing the speed of transfer or transferring files, ie from 128 KB to 2 MB.

2. Temperature Detection

The second update is an increase in temperature detection, with this feature the user can take a screenshot and automatically export it to a JPG file. In addition, the detection to analyze the intensity of the use of folders and problems with the folder is also improved. This allows the user to find out which folder is error or problem.

3. Health Examination

The third update is by adding the quality of the S.M.R.T health examination in more detail. Users can see the health of the PC with a statistical display of the temperature of the device being operated. In addition, users can also use more SSD drives and + 4TB disks. The device will get a warning if there is a problem.

4. Device Temperature Check and Access Time

A fourth update was added to the statistical features of the device temperature check. Users can find out the access time span of devices that are having problems with Fahrenheit temperature.

Download the Latest HD Tune

In previous versions, HD Tune could not adjust its format with the nVidia system driver under Windows 7 64 bit. Here the format is updated by using a quadcore CPU.

This feature update can now be used on various versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10 with the latest version. The advantage of the latest HD Tune feature makes it easier for users to adjust the installation so that the latest version is now called HD Tune Pro. Download the latest HD Tune Pro for free via the link below:


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