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Download the Latest Google Web Designer 2019 (Free Download)

 Download Google Web Designer Developer: Google LLC
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 2MB

Low height of numbers the sale of a product is influenced by various factors, mainly by advertising. A well-designed ad will be able to improve the image of the product in the eyes of the public so that the need for that product will also increase. Meanwhile, to make advertisements, you do not need to drain the contents of the wallet because you can use the free Google Web Designer.

The name is indeed Google Web Designer but this software is intended to create HTML5-based ads, not to create websites. This is clearly seen from the dialog box that appears when you run it where you can choose between creating ads from scratch or by using the ad templates that have been provided, and will be more clearly visible after you explore its features.

Google Web Designer Features

 Download Google Web Designer

Display Google Web Designer

You can filter ad templates in Google Web Designer by ad type, device, ad platform, features, components, designs and so on. Ad templates can also be sorted based on frequency of use (most used), time of use (recently used), and based on when a template was added to the gallery (recently added).

Some templates consist of only one layout while others have more from one layout. For example, In-stream video consists of two layouts, Banner for Google Ads and AdMob consists of five layouts, and App Install consists of nine layouts. You can view each layout by clicking the Preview button or directly using a layout to start creating ads.

If you don't want to use templates, you can create blank documents for advertising, CSS, HTML, XML and Javascript. There are four types of advertisements, namely banners, AMPHTML banners, expandable and interstitial. You can choose ad dimensions from 160 x 600 to 728 x 90 or choose Custom mode to determine the width and height of the ad according to your needs.

Google Web Designer can be used in two modes. Design View to design ads visually and Code View to display the codes that are behind the ad designs that are being worked on. Both of these modes can be activated by clicking on each button located in the toolbar area.

Download Google Web Designer

To make sure the ads you make appear exactly as you want, you can click the Preview button on the toolbar, then select the browser that will be used to display ads. For now there are five browsers supported by Google Web Designer, namely Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Google Web Designer allows you to create advertisements online without having to buy professional software or hire ad creation services. Google Web Designer is also not difficult to learn provided you are diligent using the software. Download the latest and free Google Web Designer via the link below:


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