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Download the Latest Freemake Video Converter 2019 (Free Download)

Download Freemake Video Converter – If seen from the name only, it is impressed as if Freemake Video Converter can only be used to convert videos. Even though what he can do is more than that. Can convert audio, can also be used for ripping dvd. And its capabilities don't just stop there because there are still other features.

The number of formats supported by this software is not kidding. According to information from the official website, there are more than 500 video, audio and image formats that it supports. As long as the format you want is not a very rare format, it looks like you will be able to process it with Freemake Video Converter, especially for popular formats such as mkv, mp4, mp3 etc.

Features of Freemake Video Converter

 Download Freemake Video Converter

Display Freemake Video Converter

You can convert videos to other video formats, or from video to mp3 audio. Burning to DVD can also be changed to ISO too. If you are confused about which format to choose, you can choose based on the operating system or devices such as Samsung, Xbox, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.

You can also convert photos in the folder to video slideshow with music accompaniment. But, do not add photos one by one because it will take up time. The most practical way is to drag and drop the folder into the main window of Freemake Video Converter, and all the photos in that folder will immediately be processed right away.

In creating a slideshow, there are some that can be arranged. For example, determining the time lag between photos, deleting unneeded photos, changing the order in which photos appear and applying panoramic effects.

Before you start the conversion process, you can add subtitles to the video, cutting out the parts that are not needed, fixing sloping videos, resizing videos, and determining whether all existing videos will also be combined or converted separately.

And in addition, to keep the file size not too large, there is also an option to reduce file size. output. But, the minimum file size is determined by the software. There you can specify a smaller file size as long as the size is still within the specified limit.

Download Freemake Video Converter

Aside from being saved to the hard disk, the converted video can also be uploaded to YouTube. To do this you need to log in to your Google account first through the main software window. After successfully logging in, you will be asked to determine whether the video to be uploaded is available to the public or for yourself. Then the video will be converted, then uploaded after it is finished.

Another feature that should not be missed is Freemake Video Converter support for CUDA and DXVA technology to speed up the video conversion process. If you use an Nvidia graphics card, you can get conversion speed 2x faster by activating both technologies through the Acceleration menu. Download the latest and free Freemake Video Converter via the link below:


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