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Download the Latest Free Studio 2019 (Free Download)

Free Studio has become one of the most popular multimedia software because of its comprehensive features and producing high-quality video or moving images. The developer of this software is DVDVideosoft which allows users to edit a collection of photos to be made into videos and edit their best films.

Not only that, with Free Studio files can be easily downloaded, uploaded, and converted according to the format desired by the user. This software is highly recommended for users who like video makers because it has a variety of important features and uses as described below.

Features and Use of Free Studio

 Download the Latest Free Studio

Latest Free Studio Views

Free Studio has a variety of advantages that can not be passed away by all video makers, because the size and format provided in this software is very diverse. Users can edit or download videos with high quality. In addition, there are various size and format options that users need when converting some types of videos that cannot be opened on some devices.

This software is also suitable for users who are still inexperienced in editing and creating quality video content. Knowing the specifications beforehand is better than trying various efforts without any direction. Therefore, for novice users, it is better to know some of the features and uses of Free Studio.

1. Free Features

Various features offered by Free Studio can be accessed for free, such as download and conversion features. Users can download various types of video files that can rarely be accessed by several devices.

Because the format is quite rarely owned and implemented by several software versions, such as those from MaccOs, and so on. In addition users can also convert free various video file formats. That can be done between several different formats, for example for iPad, iPhone, Windows, or even Android devices.

2. Audio Access

In addition to video files, Free Studio also provides access to audio files, whether they download or convert from a variety of different formats.

3. Video Recording from Desktop

It has advanced features to take screenshots while simultaneously recording video from a desktop PC. Users can also record video or audio files that come from several platforms such as Skype.

4. Fast Video Editing

Users can edit audio and video files in a short amount of time.

5. Upload and Download Via Social Media and Youtube

Upload and download audio video can be done directly through several popular media such as Youtube and Facebook. While for some media such as Dailymotion, Instagram, Coub, and Niconico, users can only download video and audio files.

Download the Latest Free Studio

In addition to the various features and uses needed by the video and audio makers above. Free Studio also has the advantage of security guarantees during the installation and operation processes. Even this software is claimed to be free of viruses, especially Adware and Spyware. In addition, Free Studio can also be operated on various types of Windows, including XP, SP3, Vista, Windows 7 to 10. Download the latest and free Free Studio via the link below:


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