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Download the Latest Foobnix 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Foobnix Developer: Foobnix
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 24MB

Foobnix is ​​a music player software based on GTK which also supports more than 5000 internet radios. This combination of offline and online music in Foobnix is ​​a pleasant combination because it means you can enjoy more songs.

Foobnix can also be integrated with Last.fm and VKontakte and supports CUE, WV and ISO.WV, and can display album covers and song lyrics. VKontakte itself is a very popular social media in Russia because its members can share videos and music.

Features and Benefits of Foobnix

 Download the Latest Foobnix

Latest Foobnix Views

Foobnix takes a different approach in managing song collections you. All songs that you add are loaded in the left panel and displayed in a tree structure. This left panel supports tab use. Thus you can load a collection of different songs in each tab. For example, The Score's album in the first tab, the album from Imagine Dragons in the second tab, and so on. You can change the name of each tab according to the list of songs in it.

Of course not only music albums that can be added to the panel. You can add any folder that contains songs. However, you need to consider carefully before adding a folder. Because, Foobnix does not provide options to delete folders or files from the list. There is only the Clear option which will delete all the songs in a tab.

To play a song, you need to create a playlist first. The trick, right-click on a song, then click the Open in New Playlist option. This playlist will open in the right panel and display in a separate tab. To add songs to an existing playlist or tab, right-click on the song, then select the Append to Playlist option.

Foobnix doesn't have to open all the time to play a song. You can close the main window and set the music playback via the Foobnix icon in the tray area. There are two types of icons provided for the tray, the static icon and the dynamic icon. Static displays the icon that is always the same regardless of whether the song is playing or stopped, while Dynamic displays the icon that matches the playback status of the song.

Through the icon in the tray area, you can stop the song that is playing or jump directly to the next song is in the playlist. The trick is to right-click the icon in the tray to display the Foobnix mini player. If you click on the icon with the left mouse button, the main window that appears is Foobnix.

Download the Latest Foobnix

Broadly speaking, Foobnix's advantages are in the number of radio stations it supports, while the drawback is the lack of available guides. As a result, you may encounter a number of features that you need to try multiple times to be able to use it properly. Download the latest and free Foobnix via the link below:


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