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Download the Latest FlashGet 2019 (Free Download)

 Latest FlashGet download Developer: Media Trend
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 6MB

Download FlashGet [19659008] – The sudden download process often occurs in the browser when downloading files that are very large in size. What's worse, the download process cannot continue so it must be restarted from the beginning. This is one reason why you have to use software like FlashGet.
[1945919] FlashGet is a download manager for Windows that also speeds up the download process. Once installed, this software will immediately replace the browser in downloading files and staying in the system tray while running. Memory consumption is quite small, only around 21MB.

Features and Benefits of FlashGet

 Latest FlashGet Downloads

Latest FlashGet Views

Compared to EagleGet, FlashGet's main window display looks better with dominant blue, and looks more neat and spacious. In the left panel you can see all categories such as All Task which includes all download activities including those that have been completed or those that fail, Downloading which displays all downloads that are currently active, and Finished which is divided into several subcategories such as Movie, Software, Music and so on. There users can add other subcategories as desired.

In addition there is also a Recyle Bin that holds all deleted downloads. All downloads can be restored as long as they are in Recyle Bin. This feature is very useful in preventing accidental deletion of a download.

Every download on EagleGet can be paused, stopped or entered into the queue list for later download. Download speeds can also be limited, but unfortunately it can only be applied globally. There is no option to limit download speeds to certain downloads.

Just like EagleGet, FlashGet also has a security feature to scan every download with an anti-virus already installed on the computer. This feature needs to be activated first through the Options window where you can find an option to detect anti-virus automatically. If the detection fails, then you must manually connect FlashGet with anti-virus. The method is not difficult because you only need to enter the location of the anti-virus into FlashGet.

There is also an option to directly open or run certain downloads such as files with extension .exe or .msi. This feature is useful in certain situations such as when you want to install a software as soon as possible after the download is complete.

Download the Latest FlashGet

Each download can also be grouped into different categories automatically according to the type of file. For example, for mp3 extension files included in the Music category, mkv files are collected in the Movie or Movie category, etc.

In essence, downloading files with FlashGet is practical, easy and faster than using a browser. Besides that, it is also more reliable to download large files thanks to the resume feature to continue the download process that suddenly stops. Download the latest and free FlashGet via the link below:


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