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Download the Latest Firebird 2019 (Free Download)

Firebird is a software or open source database that was first developed by the firebird foundation. The beginning of its development was in 2000 which was developed by the Interbase database. Firebird can also be called a database management software.

This software has two main components, namely a database server that can run on the same computer as a database and an application as an interface. This datebase is called the Client Library. Client Library is a run-time component that comes from DLLs on Windows or is referred to as a shared object on other platforms.

Usability and Advantages of Firebird

 Download the Latest Firebird

Latest Firebird Display

Firebird server is called it has a very small size called "footprint" on the system file when the user installs it on the server. Firebirds includes non-commercial or free or open source software or database software . This gives an advantage for anyone to be able to use Firebird without the need to pay. Following are the benefits and advantages of Firebird that need to be known:

  • The first use of Firebird is one of the most flexible open sources. Firebird is a opensource project. The use of firebird for both personal and business needs is not going to cost money. However, using Firebird still requires source code from Firebird that still has restrictions. At present licenses that are applicable to Firebird are IPL (InterBase Public License) and IDPL (Initial Developer's Public License).
  • Many features of Firebird, including being able to synchronize with offline desktop users, able to recursive queries, clauses' check 'when querying, firebird has a full outer join feature, and firebird has support for ODBC
  • Fireird has an active community. Although not as big as other communities, it will have a very friendly reputation for new developers who ask about Firebird's developer specific forum. This is certainly an advantage of Firebird software. Through an active community, Firebird has the capability and security that is constantly being developed along with the continued development and improvement of source code from Firebird.

Download the Latest Firebird

Firebird is one of the software that has toughness and can work in server / client and can also be run on different operating systems. Firebird can run or run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS operating systems. As one of the software that has free access, many large companies that use this database, including Broadview Sifware Ltd, Morfik P / L, Communicare Systems Pty Ltd and US Navy.

Firebird users will also meet ease in the installation process. This is considered Firebird is software that can be used free of charge. Firebird also does not require high computer specifications or capability. Download the latest and free Firebird via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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