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Download the Latest FireAlpaca 2019 (Free Download)

FireAlpaca is software that is used by digital artists to create digital painting works. This software is quite popular because it is light and fast so it stays smooth even though it is run on computers low specs.

FireAlpaca was developed for Windows and Mac. For those of you who are accustomed to using Macbook Pro when outside the home and using Windows when at home, you don't need to worry because files created with FireAlpaca on Mac can also be done on Windows. And vice versa.

Features and Benefits of FireAlpaca

 Download the Latest FireAlpaca

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Unlimited number of brushes

Brushes that you can use are not only brushes that are already available in FireAlpaca, but also brushes from the community that are usually distributed free on Deviantart, Tumblr and various personal sites that often review about digital painting. From the brush set you can also get inspiration to make your own brush design.

Correction feature to perfect line art

If you often find it difficult to draw lines because they often shake so that the shape is far from perfect, you can use the correction and determine the level of correction. This feature will slow down the brush movement when drawing lines but the resulting lines will be better than usual.

Folder for grouping layers

For digital artists who are accustomed to using layers to draw each element separately, the number of layers can be reached or even exceeding 100 layers in a project. FireAlpaca provides a Layer Folder to organize all the layers into several folders.

17 modes for layer blending

Some of these modes include darken, lighten, soft and hard light, divide, overlay and so on. In addition, the level of transparency of the layer can also be adjusted. Other options such as lock function to lock layers, visibility to show and hide layers, delete to delete layers, merge to merge layers, and duplicate to create new layers by duplicating previous layers.

Download the Latest FireAlpaca

The FireAlpaca interface consists of over a number of panels such as layer, color, brush preview, navigator and palette. Each of these panels can be moved to another position, for example the navigator panel which was originally above moved below the layer panel.

In addition, the panel can also be removed from the sidebar and placed in its own position. One of the uses of this feature is to help you focus more on processing layers that are very numerous. Panel height can be changed by pulling the sides of the panel so that you can be more flexible in arranging layers.

FireAlpaca is a decent software to recommend to anyone who has just entered the world of digital art, whose computer specs are not sufficient to run the latest Adobe Photoshop, who loves making line art, and who wants to learn to make comics. Download the latest and free FireAlpaca via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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