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Download the Latest Fences 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Fences Developer: Stardock
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 12MB

Fences is software that can helps organize your PC by automatically placing your shortcuts and icons in one folder that can be resized on a desktop called Fences. Lots of customization features that can make Fences a popular software in the world that helps manage your shortcuts and icons.

Fences has many features including being able to hide or display icons just by double clicking. Can scroll between several pages of Fences, create a desktop portal from any folder.

The latest feature owned by Fences is that it is able to obscure the wallpaper or back-screen display on a PC using Windows 10, Fences can be used in modern, high DPI monitors. To find out more about the other features of Fences, here are some features that can be used as a reference to get to know Fences.

Features and Uses of Fences

 Download the Latest Fences

Display of the Latest Fences

As one of the software which automatically helps you organize or tidy up the desktop display and shortcuts that are on your PC, Fences has several advantages and new features that give you a comfort and convenience, including:

1. Roll up Fences

Users do not need to worry about desktop displays that feel chaotic because they cannot make icons or shortcuts into one folder. However, Fences comes as a help for users who feel that their PC's display is chaotic or untidy.

That is because Fence is an easy place to find your icons and shortcuts only with the Roll Up feature. Users just simply double click on the Fences title bar which will make other Fences Roll up or enter into it. You can also move the mouse to the title bar or double click to see the title and also the icon as usual.

2. Desktop Pages

Another feature of Fences is to create several Fences pages on the user's desktop and move them quickly. To be able to change different desktop pages, users simply point the mouse to the edge of the screen, then click and bring it to the desired Fences.

3. Desktop Quick-hide

This feature of the Fences software is a feature that can instantly help clean the desktop, meaning that by double clicking on an empty space on the user's desktop then the user icon will fade, and if clicked twice again, the user icon will reappear.

Download the Latest Fences

Fences supports many features that can be used to manage the display of shortcuts and icons and much more. These features will make it easier for users to use this software as a way to set the type of icons or shortcuts that have the same usage or character set by the user.

In addition, users can also use Fences as one of the softwares in find it easy to find folders that users have created. Download the latest and free Fences via the link below:


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