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Download the Latest F.lux 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest F.lux Developer: Michael Herf
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 720KB

Looking at the screen monitor for a long time, especially if done routinely, can endanger eye health. This health risk will increase at certain hours such as at sunset and afterwards. Because the room light becomes dim while the monitor screen remains bright. To overcome this, the brightness level on the monitor can be temporarily reduced until the day returns to light.

For convenience, rather than repeatedly lowering and increasing the brightness of the monitor screen manually, it is recommended that you use F.lux. This software was developed specifically to adjust the monitor light automatically based on location and time.

Features and Benefits F.lux

 Download the Latest F.lux

Latest F.lux Display

F.lux changes the color temperature become warmer to be more comfortable in the eyes when the sun begins to set and restore the brightness of the screen to normal when the day began to light. Blue light originating from screen is known to be dangerous because it can kill the light receiving cells in the eye. As a result, the eyes also experience vision problems that should only be suffered by people who are elderly.

The blue light also negatively impacts the body's circadian rhythm so that sleep patterns become disturbed. What's worse, it can also cause various serious illnesses such as heart problems, cancer and diabetes.

F.lux has several modes to optimize lighting in certain situations. For example, Movie Mode for watching movies. In this mode, certain colors such as skin color and sky are processed in such a way that the color details are not so affected by the orange layer produced by F.lux.

There is also a Grayscale mode to reduce striking colors like the icon and toolbar colors. . The goal is that the user can really focus attention on what is being read on the screen. This mode is also very helpful for those of you who work as writers. For those of you who are forced to use a computer in a dark room or when you feel dizzy but are forced to keep working in front of the monitor, try Darkroom mode. This mode changes dark colors to red and light colors to black.

Download the Latest F.lux

F.lux also supports hotkeys to adjust the monitor's light, change colors, activate certain modes, and to deactivate F.lux itself . There are some hotkeys whose information is not included and can only be found in the F.lux release notes, such as hotkeys to activate Darkroom and Grayscale modes.

When you first try F.lux, some users may feel strange about the screen display the monitor because it's not used to it. But over time, the benefits will begin to be felt. The eyes no longer get tired as usual, no longer easily feel headaches or nausea. Download the latest and free F.lux via the link below:


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