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Download the Latest Emby 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Emby Developer: Emby Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 1MB

Emby collects all videos you in a server which you can then access from anywhere. When you are bored waiting for a very long queue at a place, you only need to take a cellphone or tablet, then stream video from the server using Emby to drive out boredom.

When at home, you can also stream with the help of Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, or use Smart TVs manufactured by LG and Samsung to enjoy video shows on your television screen in the living room.

Emby's Features and Benefits

 Download the Latest Emby

Display of the Latest Emby

Emby's settings start from the language selection which is then followed by the creation of an account. At this stage you can activate Emby Connect which can facilitate you in accessing Emby when outside the home. With Emby Connect, you no longer need to remember the server's IP address to login because all you need is your user name or email address.

After that you will enter the library management stage. All folders that you enter will be scanned to display their contents in the library. Emby can also be set to monitor changes that occur within these folders in real time.

There is also an automatic subtitle download feature whose language is adjusted to your choice. The "Only download subtitles that are a perfect match for my video files" option can be checked so that Emby only downloads subtitles that really fit the movie being shown. However, this option greatly limits the number of subtitles available so that some of your movies may not get subtitles at all.

Besides Emby Server, you can also download Emby Theater, which is an Emby client to browse library content and watch videos. The free version of Emby Theater only allows you to browse the contents of the library, while to watch videos, you must activate a subscription package called Emby Premiere. If you don't want to pay a dime to watch your own videos with Emby Theater, you can still watch using a video player on the Emby Server or streaming device.

Download the Latest Emby

Besides play, pause, fast forward and rewind , the video player included in Emby Server also has a picture in picture feature that displays videos in mini size in the lower right corner. You can also browse the internet while occasionally watching videos when there are interesting scenes.

Emby can also be used to view technical information on videos such as resolution, codecs used, aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, interlaced or deinterlaced, bit depth, and file size. To see this information, click on the video thumbnail in the Emby Server dashboard, but don't click on the play button that is inside each thumbnail. Download the latest and free Emby via the link below:


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