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Download the latest doubleTwist 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the latest doubleTwist Developer: DoubleTwist
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 21MB

Previously, to play music on computers usually use Windows Media Player (WMP) for those using the Windows system and using iTunes for those using a Mac. However, over time, WMP and iTunes continue to add various features such as video players, films and others so that its main function as a music player begins to diminish.

Well, for Windows-based computer users, I definitely want to have an easy-to-use music player software with various interesting features. If so, you must use doubleTwist. Maybe many do not know, what is doubleTwist?

Features and Benefits of doubleTwist

 Download the latest doubleTwist

Latest doubleTwist display

doubleTwist is software for playing music on computers, be it Windows or Mac. When viewed in terms of appearance, this software is very similar to iTunes. However, if in terms of function, many think DoubleTwist is superior to iTunes because you can access the library and also download various content available on Google PlayStore and Amazon MP3.

The registration process is also not difficult, you just download from the site from the doubleTwist software specifically for windows. Then install on your computer, check the words "Yes, I Have read and accept the following double agreement" then click install.

Then wait a while until the installation process is complete. After that, register by pressing the "Sign Up" button and fill in the data in the form of a name, email and password. Wait a few moments, you will get a reply email to activate your doubleTwist account.

DoubleTwist software Sync with Amazone MP3 Store

If you are tired of using iTunes because the price is too expensive then you can buy it at the Amazon MP3 Store which provides a large collection of music which has a good rating with a fairly affordable price you know.

Through DoubleTwist, you can sync with the Amazon MP3 Store so that any music you have purchased can be directly played. However, to buy music at the Amazone MP3 Store, of course you must have an Amazone account first.

Import Music from iTunes and Windows Media Player

Now, for those of you who have previously made music drafts on iTunes or Windows Media Player, then no worry, you can import music drafts using doubleTwist software.

It's easy enough, in the doubleTwist playlist menu please check import iTunes Playlist and import WMP Playlist. Later, all of these playlists will go directly into your doubleTwist.

Download the latest doubleTwist

This doubleTwist software can synchronize music playlists, pictures, videos from USB or Wifi quickly on a computer or laptop that uses windows. [19659012] By using doubleTwist software for windows, you can enjoy music while relaxing or snacking. In addition, with a variety of interesting features on DoubleTwist you do not need to have trouble if you want to move a playlist or draft music. Download the latest and free doubleTwist via the link below:


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