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Download the latest doPDF 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the latest doPDF Developer: Softland
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 65MB

doPDF is software that can convert your file to PDF. Some file formats that can be converted to PDF include Microsoft Office files such as docx, xlsx, doc, pptx and various other formats such as tmd, html, txt, rtf, pmd, pmdx, csv, and others. Whatever the format, as long as the file can be printed, then doPDF can handle it.

In the installation process you will be guided step by step until completion. If an error occurs, you can repeat it from the beginning. The installation process is relatively easier than a number of other PDF converters because doPDF does not require users to install Ghostscript. After installation is complete, doPDF can be found in the Print menu as a virtual printer and can also be accessed via the Start menu.

Features and Benefits of doPDF

 Download the latest doPDF

Latest doPDF display

doPDF provides three methods for converting or print documents to PDF. Through the Print menu, through the doPDF main window, and through the right-click menu in File Explorer. Especially for the latter method can only be applied to certain files, such as image files.

Each PDF document can be compressed to reduce the file size. Besides being able to save disk space, files can be uploaded and downloaded faster if you plan to share them via the internet. For that you can change the dpi or choose one of the presets provided, namely Smallest file to get the smallest file size, Medium to get a better quality file but with a larger file size, and Best Quality to get the best quality

There are other options, Embed all used fonts. This option serves to include all the fonts used in the original document so that the PDF display is not cluttered when read or printed on another computer. You can choose this option for PDF files that use special fonts. As for documents that use standard fonts that are commonly found on Windows, you should choose other options.

doPDF can also convert images to PDF. Especially for this file type, you can process it en masse by using the Print Pictures feature that is already in Windows. The images will later be combined into one PDF file.

Download the latest doPDF

Several other features allow you to insert metadata information, mark folders as the default storage location, open documents automatically after they are converted, choose paper sizes , determine image resolution and page orientation.

Regarding licensing, doPDF is free and free to use both for personal and business purposes. The guide is also complete so that it can help users to understand the use of each feature it has. Without that guide, doPDF is easy to use because basically you only need to open the Print menu and then choose doPDF as the printer. Download the latest and free doPDF via the link below:


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