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Download the latest digiKam 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the latest digiKam Developer: digiKam
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 350MB

Manage photos in the hundreds of hundreds or even thousands is not an easy matter, especially if you still don't have the habit of adding as clear information as possible to each photo. As a result, many photos are stuck somewhere and are hard to find even if you use file search software such as Everything or Agent Ransack.

The solution that you can try in this case is digiKam, a freeware that is specifically designed to manage more than 10,000 photos. The file size is large but it's worth what you get. This open source software is not only for photographers who often process RAW photos, but also for general users who simply want a photo manager whose performance does not disappoint.

digiKam Features and Excellence

 Download the latest digiKam

Latest digiKam display


Wizard functions to guide the user step by step in managing digiKam to suit their individual needs. In the process you will be asked to determine the location of the folder used to store photos and databases, set how RAW photos should be displayed, adjust the quality of photos displayed in the preview, and turn off or turn on tooltips.

Upload photos to various websites

All photos, both edited and unedited, can be uploaded to several online data storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos and OneDrive. A number of social media are also supported (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). You can also share photos via Flickr and Imgur.

Create a collection of photos from various storage media

digiKam can scan and collect all your photos stored on hard disks, flash drives, SSD drives, SSDs, Google Photos and SmugMug. digiKam can also take photos from other computers on the network. Similarly, the camera. Connect the camera to the computer, select the Camera menu in digiKam, then select the photos you want to move to digiKam.


ShowFoto is a part of digiKam that functions to edit photos. Each photo is displayed in a before and after mode for easy editing. Edits can be saved as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PGF and JPEG 2000 files. If there are changes that are still unsaved when you want to close ShowFoto, you will be asked to save them or cancel the changes.

Download the latest digiKam

Light Table is another feature of digiKam for comparing photos. So when you take the same subject multiple times from different angles or with different lighting, and you have trouble deciding which photo is the best, you can put all of those photos in the Light Table for comparison.

And as Additionally, the Synchronize option in the Light Table allows the photos that are being compared are always synchronized with each other. So, whatever you do to a photo, other photos will also get the same treatment automatically. Download the latest and free digiKam via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]


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