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Download the Latest CyberGhost VPN 2019 (Free Download)

The need to use VPN services is not just to open blocked websites. There are several other compelling reasons. One of them is for security transactions when users are forced to use a credit card or open a bank account when traveling. In this case, CyberGhost guarantees that the VPN service it provides uses military grade encryption to protect its users.

CyberGhost VPN can be run on various popular operating system platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. In addition, specifically for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser users can also use the CyberGhost VPN extension. The installation process does not require a long time so that users can immediately open the destination site using a VPN connection.

CyberGhost VPN features

 Download the Latest CyberGhost VPN

Display of the Latest CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost has thousands of servers spread across 60 countries like Ukraine, Vietnam, Japan, Serbia, Pakistan, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, India and others. Users who need servers in locations that are not covered by the CyberGhost service can send requests via the form available on the official CyberGhost page. In the CyberGhost VPN software settings window, all servers can be seen by the user. Servers that are often used can also be used as favorites to be more easily accessed later on.

There is something unique about the server list. Besides being displayed as is, servers are also grouped into two parts, namely a server for streaming and a server for downloading torrent . The distance between the server and the user's location is also displayed and the server can be sorted based on that distance. Thus, users can immediately find out which server is the closest location. If the user is in Indonesia, the closest server is located in Singapore.

Switching from one server to another is very easy. Users do not need to open the main window because all of the servers can be accessed via the right-click menu on the CyberGhost VPN icon located in the system tray. If the user is confused about which server to choose, there is an option for CyberGhost VPN to choose the server automatically based on the best location.

For the sake of tightening security, an Automatic Kill-Switch feature is also available which functions to block internet connections when the VPN is experiencing problems. The connection will only return to normal after the VPN is active again as before. There is also a Wi-Fi Protection feature so that the VPN connection is active automatically every time a user accesses the internet via wifi.

Download the Latest CyberGhost VPN

There is one feature that is actually not so special because it is commonly found in various other softwares, but very useful in certain situations. The feature in question is the ability to run CyberGhost VPN automatically at startup.

With this feature, VPN will always be active even if the user forgets to turn it on when traveling. In short, the user's online activities will always be protected with CyberGhost VPN. Download the latest and free CyberGhost VPN through the link below:


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