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Download the Latest CrystalDiskInfo 2019 (Free Download)

How long a hard disk can last is hard to estimate. A hard disk can be damaged prematurely due to various conditions that affect it. Even the hard disk that you just bought two weeks ago can be damaged suddenly without knowing the exact cause.

To prevent damage to the hard disk, steps that can be taken are to install the hard drive properly in the case and use a UPS if the electricity in your area is unstable. Also use CrystalDiskInfo to know the signs of the hard disk that will be damaged.

By knowing the signs of damage well in advance, you can immediately take the necessary steps such as preparing funds to buy a new hard drive and make backups for all files that are damaged. have not had a backup before.

Excellence CrystalDiskInfo

 Download the Latest CrystalDiskInfo

Display CrystalDiskInfo

In the CrystalDiskInfo main window you can see information in the form of the hard disk model name, total disk size, interface and firmware used, ] number of partitions hard disk serial number, buffer size, disk rotation speed stated in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), number of hard disks installed, and hard disk health and temperature.

The main feature of CrystalDiskInfo is to monitor hard disk health. . The health status has indicators in the form of text and colored icons. For hard disks whose health is still good, the status is Good accompanied by a blue icon. For hard drives that show symptoms of damage, the status is Caution with an orange or yellow icon, while the red color with Bad status indicates more severe damage.

Remember, just because the hard drive has a Caution or Bad status does not mean that the hard drive is not can be used again. In fact, there are quite a lot of hard disks whose status is Caution but can still be used for a long time. However, always do backups on other storage media or backup to cloud storage for very important files.

When the hard drive is Caution, you need to review three SMART attributes called Current Pending Sector Count, Uncorrectable Sector Count and Reallocated Sectors Count. Next look at the Raw Values ​​column. That column shows the actual number of errors. If the number listed increases, then that is a sign that the hard disk will soon be totally dead.

Download the Latest CrystalDiskInfo

To make Raw Values ​​information easier to read, you need to change the number system used from hexadecimal to decimal. In addition you can also display a graph that shows the status of each attribute from the previous hour to the next hour.

CrystalDiskInfo can be minimized to the system tray by activating the Resident feature so that you can see the hard disk temperature indicator at any time. Every 10 minutes CrystalDiskInfo auto refreshes and when the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, an alarm sound will appear accompanied by an indicator that turns red. Download the latest and free CrystalDiskInfo via the link below:


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