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Download the Latest Comodo Firewall 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Comodo Firewall Developer: Comodo Group
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 6MB

Firewall already exists in Windows but only equipped with basic features. Users who want more protection eventually turn to firewalls from third parties such as the firewall developed by Comodo.

When installing Comodo Firewall you can choose what components you want to install after clicking the Options button. Three components provided include Comodo Firewall itself along with Comodo Dragon Web Browser and Internet Security Essentials.

In its installation it was also stated that Comodo Firewall usage data will be sent to Comodo to improve the quality of the software. Additionally Comodo Firewall will display Yahoo! on the front page and the new tab page in your browser while installing Yahoo! as the default search engine. All of these are optional so you can deactivate them.

Comodo Firewall Feature

 Download the Latest Comodo Firewall

Display Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall will try to replace your DNS with Comodo Secure DNS if you do not disable it. Suspicious files were also analyzed with cloud-based technology which is claimed to be able to detect malware, including zero-day malware, instantly. Whenever malware is detected, Comodo Firewall will display a notification to notify you.

Comodo Firewall has a Sandbox feature for running software. As long as the software is run in the sandbox, whatever it does will not affect the system. First of all, software placed in the sandbox will be scanned in the cloud with antivirus. If the scan does not detect anything suspicious, then the software activity will be monitored.

In carrying out its duties, Comodo Firewall creates rule automatically for any software that is considered safe so that the software can interact with the network. . While software that is considered safe is software that is listed in Trusted Files, whose developer name is listed in the Trusted Vendors list, or which is listed in the Safe List.

When software that is not listed in one of the above lists tries to access network, Comodo Firewall will display a notification asking you to determine the next step. Comodo Firewall will remember the decisions you make related to the software.

Download the Latest Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall can also be set to block all data traffic entering and leaving the network so that the computer cannot be connected to any network. Requests to access the internet from certain software can also be blocked manually.

Comodo Firewall applies a strict protection mechanism to protect systems that you can use together with other antiviruses. In addition to those mentioned above, Comodo Firewall is also accompanied by HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) to monitor system activity and Website Filtering to block certain websites. Download the latest and free Comodo Firewall via the link below:


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