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Download the Latest Combofix 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Combofix Developer: sUBs
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 6MB

Generally we give up all protections our computers only rely on antivirus performance to deal with malware attacks. It's just that sometimes it's not enough. Installing an Anti Virus that has the need for ongoing online updates can also create loopholes that can actually harm your computer

That is why you need portable malware scanning software so you can have sufficient protection against malware that is more difficult to find. ComboFix is ​​an anti-malware tool that can use special techniques in finding malware .

ComboFix is ​​a software made by SUBs that can scan your computer to find the presence of malware. When this software can find malware, this software will immediately clean the malware infection automatically.

Features and Benefits of Combofix

 Download the Latest Combofix

The Latest Combofix Display

Besides being able to remove most of the most common types of malware found at Today's world, ComboFix can also display special notifications that can be used by trained programmers to remove malware that cannot be automatically removed by a program. You need to note that running this software without supervision trained programmers can cause your computer to not operate properly. Therefore, run this program only with the supervision of an experienced programmer.

This software will ask you to close the program window and other antivirus software when this software is scanning so as not to interfere with the scanning process. Before ComboFix performs this software scan, it will create a system recovery and registry backup so that you can restore your computer to its original state when a malfunction occurs.

During a long system scan ComboFix will disconnect the internet connection and several other things that need to be temporarily disabled so as not to interfere with the scanning process.

ComboFix is ​​a relatively small software (3MB). ComboFix works by using complex command line scripts (taskbar). This implements a collection of fixes made previously for a large number of malware that can be found and then hunts down all infected files.

In doing the ComboFix scanning process it will look rather primitive when compared to general antivirus. But in terms of repairing files infected with malware this software is very efficient. Even a lot of malware can infect a computer that makes an antivirus that has been installed helpless.

Download the Latest Combofix

ComboFix is ​​a lightweight software that can find the presence of malware that is in your computer's operating system. The malware found by ComboFix will be automatically removed immediately and will then continue to hunt down all infected files efficiently.

In using this registry you need to get help and supervision of trained technicians in order to keep your computer's operating system operating properly. Download the latest and free Combofix through the link below:


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