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Download the Latest Color Cop 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Color Cop Developer: Color Cop
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 400KB

There are many sites which has a charming design with a very harmonious blend of colors. You may have felt curious about the color codes used on these sites. By using Color Cop, you can find out the color codes in a site easily without having to look at the site's source code.

Color Cop is software for picking up colors. This kind of software is called the color picker. The average color picker can usually be used free of charge, as is the case with this Color Cop. In addition, Color Cop is also an open source software.

Color Cop Advantages

 Download the Latest Color Cop

Latest Color Cop Display

The main Color Cop main window is very small and cannot be enlarged. Inside there is an eyedropper that works to choose a color sample. How to use it is to drag and drop the eyedropper on the desired color. After that the color will appear in the color box, while the color information will appear in the Hex and RGB columns.

Besides the eyedropper, the magnifier can also be used for the same purpose but in a slightly different way. To use a magnifier, drag and drop the tool to any part of the screen.

What happens next, the part selected with the magnifier will appear in the magnifier box. If the selected part contains an icon that has several colors, then that icon will appear in the magnifier box. After that, the eyedropper can be used to select the colors in the icon.

Inside the main Color Cop window, there are several small squares lined up vertically to the right of the Hex column and the main color box. Every time you choose a new color, the color will appear in the main color box, while the previous color will be moved into one of the small boxes.

In other words, the small boxes function as history that stores 7 colors lastly. You can display the colors information again by clicking on the required color. Besides that, you don't need to copy the color code manually because there is a feature called Auto Copy Hex to Clipboard. This feature automatically copies the Hex color code when the eyedropper selects the color.

Download the Latest Color Cop

Automatic copying of the code can be adjusted further by activating the Uppercase Hex option which changes the code letters from lowercase letters to uppercase letters. On the other hand, Omit Hex Symbol functions to display and remove hedges on the Hex code.

Color Cop also supports multiple instances, which means you can open several Color Cop windows. That way you can hold more colors. Color Cop's memory consumption is very small so you don't need to hesitate to run multiple Color Cop at once. Download the latest and free Color Cop via the link below:


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