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Download the Latest Claws Mail 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Claws Mail Developer: Claws Mail
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 27MB

Email Forwarding is a method that you can use to read messages from various email addresses that you have without having to open all the email addresses one by one. Another way you can go is to use Claws Mail.

Claws Mail is a GTK-based open source email client. Initially this email client was named Sylpheed-Claws before changing its name several years later. Despite its far less popularity than Mozilla Thunderbird, Claws Mail has a fairly loyal user community.

Features and Benefits of Claws Mail

 Download the Latest Claws Mail

Display of the Latest Claws Mail


Claws Mail has several layouts that display three panels for loading folders, message lists and message content. The most minimalist layout is Small Screen which only displays one panel. If you want to be more flexible in reading emails, Wide Message is a layout that displays the contents of the message in a wider panel.


The more accounts you create on the web, the more emails you will receive. Over time you will also find it difficult to find certain emails. To deal with this problem you can create multiple folders and then use filters to automatically move emails into those folders.


Claws Mail supports filters to do things automatically when new messages arrive. You can create filters to copy or move messages to other folders besides the inbox, delete messages mark messages, add tags, forward, redirect, and label the color of certain messages.

Address Book [19659012] Claws Mail also has a book addres. In this address book there is a feature to collect all the email addresses in the inbox. You can edit each of these e-mail addresses afterward to add other information in the form of photos, birthdays, website addresses, personal and office telephone numbers, and home and office addresses.

Folders and subfolders can also be created to organize existing contact info in the address book. In addition, all contact info can be saved in HTML format so that it can be read in the browser.


Plugins such as Notification can make Claws Mail minimized to the notification area which is also known as the system tray on the taskbar. When a new message arrives, this plugin will display a notification to notify you.

Download the Latest Claws Mail

The RSS feature can also be added using the RSSyl plugin. The drawback, this plugin can not display images in the feed, unlike the RSS feature in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Claws Mail is also faster and lighter than Mozilla Thunderbird. Memory consumption ranges from 6MB to 25MB, while Mozilla Thunderbird can peak up to more than 100MB when it is actively used. Download the latest and free Claws Mail via the link below:


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