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Download the Latest Citrio Browser 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Citrio Browser Developer: Citrio Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 58MB

Citrio Browser is software that has a function as a browser, can be accessed through a variety of devices, both PC and Android. This software is not yet popular because very few people know it, even CNET has removed the software from its website. However, some users can still enjoy this software because it is still available on several sites.

Although not as popular as other software such as Moxilla, Opera Mini, and other browser devices. Citrio actually has quite interesting features that make some people more interested in making it the main browser.

Features and Advantages of Citrio Browser

 Download the Latest Citrio Browser

The Latest Citrio Browser

Developer Citrio Browser is Catalina Group Ltd , which was formed in accordance with the basis of Chromium Open Source . This makes Citrio more compatible with various extensions, or themes from Chrome.

Citrio Browser features and advantages are actually very numerous, and are rarely owned by some other software that is more popular. Following information about the advantages that you can get when using Citrio Browser.

Super Speed ​​for File Download

You no longer need to install IDM to get super power download speeds because Citrio has a built in download manager. The built-in claimed to be able to download 5 times faster. The system can sort downloaded files automatically according to date, status, and also type of file.

Built-in BitTorrent Client

This feature is quite rare also in this device, because Citrio provides a built-in BitTorrent that makes it easy for users to download files from Torrent. As well as downloading magnet links without the need to install additional devices.

Video Downloader Feature

You can also download video files from various sites including Youtube automatically when using Citrio because it has a video downloader feature. There is no need to install several other services specifically used to download videos from Youtube.

Blocking Default Advertisements

The next advanced feature is blocking ads that are done automatically by Citrio. You do not need to install other devices which sometimes are still less effective in dispelling advertisements. You will not find any ads that interfere with browsing activities while using Citrio.

Download the Latest Citrio Browser

All the interesting and anti-mainstream features that Citrio has above you can get and enjoy for free without the cost. There is no trial access, which saves you a lot of money.

Citrio Browser is very flexible because the extension supports various devices with various operating systems. Among other things like Windows 7 to 10, then Mac Os, and Android so that users can apply them freely. By installing Citrio you can get features that can guarantee your safety and comfort while browsing. Download the latest and free Citrio Browser via the link below:


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