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Download the Latest Chromium 2019 (Free Download)

Chromium is an open source browser that carries a mission to provide a comfortable and safe browsing experience. As an open source project, Chromium technology has been adopted by other browsers such as Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Torch, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Yandex and many others.

Chromium looks exactly the same as Google Chrome. If both are run simultaneously, it is difficult to distinguish the two without seeing the two browser icons in the taskbar. The similarity of this display is reasonable because they are both developed by Google and from the beginning Chromium was intended to be the basis for the development of Google Chrome.

Features and Benefits of Chromium

 Download the Latest Chromium

Display of the Latest Chromium

Extension Support

19659006] Features not available on Chromium can be added by installing extensions that can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore site. For example like Dark Reader which can change the color of web pages to dark and Checker Plus for Gmail to display pop-up notifications every time a message comes into a Gmail account.

Password Manager

After logging into a website account, Chromium displays a dialog box that contains the username and password that was just used on the account. Through this dialog box, users can save login data in the browser. All login data can also be reviewed at any time and stored in CSV format.

Task Manager

This feature is similar to Windows' Task Manager but the information is more detailed. It appears in the form of a small window that contains memory usage information and CPU activity every tab, extension and other browser components in real time. From this window the user can find out which websites consume the most resources. Furthermore, the website can be closed with just one click on the End Process button if deemed necessary.


Besides being able to be replaced manually, the Chromium theme can also change by itself. The browser theme changes to dark or light automatically according to the theme settings in Windows 10. For users who want to change it manually, you can install the theme from the Chrome webstore.

Browsing Session

Chromium is able to save browsing sessions to continue in the next session. After this feature is activated, all tabs will open again as before every time the browser is started.

On the positive side, users can immediately resume their previous browsing activities without having to open tabs one by one through the History menu. The negative side, the more tabs that are loaded will also make the browser load slower.

Download the Latest Chromium

When compared to Google Chrome, Vivaldi and Mozilla Firefox, there are at least two advantages that Chromium has. The first, lighter. The problem of disk usage is high when browsing is not as severe as in all three browsers. The loading is relatively faster. Secondly, it does not need to be installed so that it can be used immediately without having to go through the installation process. Download the latest and free Chromium through the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]


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