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Download the Latest CDisplayEx 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest CDisplayEx Developer: CDisplayEx
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 14MB

CDisplayEx is the software used to read virtual comics easily. If you are a fan of Japanese comics or manga, of course you are already familiar with CDisplayEx. A software that makes it easy and gives comfort in reading manga or comics. The interface settings in the software allow the display of pages like a real comic. You can read comics in manga format, from right to left.

In addition to the interface the CDisplayEx software also features a slideshow view. Pages will move automatically without having to be touched or moved manually. These features are even supported by the use of standard Hotkeys and tabs on layers. Users can maximize all the features available to support comfort while reading.

List of Version of CDisplayEx

 Download the Latest CDisplayEx

Latest Display of CDisplayEx

Since it was released in 2004, CDisplayEx has continued to update. Latest features are also added by developers to the software. After 15 years of development, CDisplayEx now supports a variety of book file types that can be accessed.

With a variety of sophisticated features, this software proves that reading comics can be done anywhere and at any time. At least there are several versions of the update with the best features offered as follows.

Version 1.10.33

This latest version has gone through various processes of development and improvement here and there. In this version, all the problems or bugs that often occur when accessing comics or manga have been resolved. Readers can really feel the sensation of reading the manga interface only from the Windows operating system.

Version 1.10.32

Complaints from some users regarding the appearance of manga pages that are often problematic begin to be fixed. Not only that, bugs that often appear suddenly are also addressed by the developer. The right-to-left page arrangement that we commonly find in Japanese comics is also enhanced here. Japanese mode that was found to really spoil the readers of comics or manga.

Version 1.10.31

Updated the previous version, in this version software related problems began to be overcome by the developer. For example, crashes or problems that often arise when accessing software and caches are no longer found by users. The developer also corrects the problem of adding a history folder that was previously problematic. Some updates related to 7zip and Wbep were upgraded to the latest version.

Version 1.10.30

Compared to the previous version, the developer really worked hard here. This can be seen from the many additional features that appear. One of them is a bookmark or reading marker on the comic or manga page. Zooming on a comic page is also far more accurate and doesn't damage the image resolution. Interestingly, several language versions were added, such as Bengali, Ukrainian, and Greek.

Download the Latest CDisplayEx

In addition, the developers were also very concerned about the appearance of images on the layer. An update to the color correction is displayed in the comic page mode. Information related to the appearance of comics on the screen becomes an important point in this version.

Improvements for improvements continue to be made by the developer CDisplayEx. For the convenience of the readers, additional features continue to be presented and updated. Surely readers of manga or comics really feel the sensation of reading which is much more comfortable and lighter. Download the latest and free CDisplayEx through the link below:


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