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Download the Latest Camtasia 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Camtasia Developer: TechSmith
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 500MB

Camtasia is a multimedia software for recording desktop screen that is equipped with the ability to edit videos. Sound from a computer and microphone can both be recorded. Similarly, only the video that comes from a webcam connected to a computer.

Camtasia is one of TechSmith's flagship products whose popularity is not inferior to Snagit. This software is available for both Windows and Mac. The installer file size is quite large, which is around 484MB. Nevertheless, many choose to use it because of its complete features.

Features and Uses of Camtasia

 Download the Latest Camtasia

Display of Latest Camtasia

Camtasia allows you to record the entire screen or only limited to certain areas by determining width and height of the area. The recording area can also be determined by selecting the Custom option. In addition to the monitor screen, webcam is also recorded at the same time. So it is with audio. By default the microphone and sound produced by the internal soundcard are also recorded simultaneously.

After recording, the recording results can be directly edited because Camtasia also has features video editing . Video that can be edited is not only limited to screen recording and webcam results. Existing videos can also be included in Camtasia for editing, including 60 FPS videos or videos that have 4K resolution. Other multimedia files can also be added such as audio and photos.

Some visual effects can be added to the video while the editing process is running. For example, such as an enlargement effect known as Pan and Zoom or Ken Burns Effect. There are also various transition effects that can be added at the beginning and end of the video. Some of them are ripple, radial blur, rotate cube, circle stretch, page turn, etc.

You can also apply the blur effect on faces or other objects that you want to hide. On the other hand, annotation features such as arrows, callouts, shapes, highlights, lines, are also available to mark important parts or to provide additional information to the video.

Download the Latest Camtasia

Various multimedia objects can also be added to videos like music intros, frames, backgrounds, icons, images and so on. If there are several objects that are always added every time you edit a video, these objects can be added to the Library as an asset to be more easily accessed. In addition to adding your own files, you can also download multimedia assets provided by Techsmith. Some of these assets are available for free, while others are included in premium content.

Regarding whether Camtasia is easy or not, it should be returned to each user. Those who have often edited the video must have quickly mastered all of its features, while those who are beginners need time to learn it. But when compared to Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia is relatively easier to use. Download the latest and free Camtasia via the link below:


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