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Download the Latest Caliber 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Caliber Developer: Kovid Goyal
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 60MB

Thanks to the internet, finding any information is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Books are also already widely available in digital versions called ebooks, and many of them are provided free of charge. For those of you who often download ebooks and the number is already very much, rather than leaving it stored in in the folder just like that, it would be better if you use Caliber.

Caliber is an ebook management software that is also capable of reading, editing, and changing the ebook format. All ebooks are displayed in a database so that they are easier to find. The search feature also allows users to perform very specific searches, for example searching for all ebooks published in a given year.

Features and Benefits of Caliber

 Download the Latest Caliber

Latest Caliber Display

1. Ebook Search

The Caliber search feature makes it easy for users to search for ebooks that have been loaded in the database. Searching can be done by title, author name, metadata, publisher, ebook format, and so on. For example, the search word title: willpower will display all ebook titles containing the word willpower.

Search can be saved so that it can be used repeatedly. After saving, the user can return to the search results in one or two clicks in the future.

2. RSS

Caliber is able to download and present the latest information from various sites through the RSS feature. More than 1000 sites are available to subscribe to feeds. If the desired site is not on the list, the user can add it himself.

Every new article that is entered is converted into an ebook with the .epub format which of course can be read directly in the Caliber. The ebook is stored in a pre-determined storage folder by the user when first running Caliber.

3. Converter

Every ebook can be converted from one format to another except ebooks that are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. The file formats it supports include epub, azw3, mobi, docx, fb2, htmlz, lit, lrf, pdb, pmlz, pdf, rb, rtf, txt, tcr and snb. Ebooks can be converted individually or in bulk.

4. Ebook Reader

The default Caliber ebook reader can be customized as desired. There are options to change the color of the text, the background color of the page, font, font size, and options to adjust the page margins. The appearance can also be changed using the internal CSS editor. All settings can be saved as a separate theme that can be activated at any time.

Download the Latest Caliber

Caliber also includes a catalog creation feature. The catalog can be compiled from all ebooks or from a collection of selected ebooks and stored in XML, Epub or CSV format. Information contained in the catalog can also be selected such as information on the date of publication, tags, covers, ISBNs, authors, comments, and much more.

Caliber is free and open source. Thanks to the open source license, the development is not only done by the creator but also by the Caliber user community. Its features also continue to be developed based on user input that makes Caliber as the most complete ebook management software to date. Download the latest and free Caliber via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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