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Download the Latest Calculatormatik 2019 (Free Download)

Calculating with aids in the form of a calculator is indeed much easier than counting manually. Calculations become faster without having to rack your brains.

Generally, calculators are used to find the sum of the results of addition, subtraction, multiplication and the like, but there are also special calculators that provide various kinds of calculations such as Calculatormatik.

Calculatormatik is not an ordinary calculator. With a very small file size, which is around 225 KB, Calculatormatik can be used to calculate age, profit, percentage convert Hex to ASCII, calculate how long it takes to download files and so on.

Features Calculatormatik

 Download Latest Calculatormatik

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Bytes conversion

Byte Converter is used for conversion between megabits, megabytes, gigabytes, kilobits, bits, bytes, terabytes and the like. Enter a number in the input field, select the desired unit, then click the conversion button to see the results. 10 megabits will become 1.25 megabytes, 10 gigabytes will become 10240 megabytes, and so on. This calculator can convert from bits to yottabytes.

Calculate age

You can find out your age at this time by using the Birthday Calculator. The trick is to enter the day, month and date of birth, then click the Calculate button.

The calculation results are very complete because in addition to the number of years, also stated the number of months and days. For example, if you were born on May 10, 1997, the information you will get from Calculatormatik is 21 years 11 months 12 days.

In addition, the number of minutes that have passed since you were born (11544480 minutes), the number of hours (192408 hours), number of days (8017 days), number of weeks and months, and days of birth.

Calculating body mass index

This calculator can be used as a tool to help with a diet program. Enter your height information in units of cm and body weight in units of kg, then you can see your BMI (Body Mass Index) information. If the BMI is less than 18.5, it means you are thin. If the BMI is 30 or more, it means that your body weight has exceeded normal weight.

Temperature conversion

What is 30 degrees Celsius if converted to Fahreinheit? Temperature Converter functions to answer questions like this. If you enter 30 degrees Celsius into the input column, then the answer will not only be fahreinheit, but also other temperature units such as Kelvin, Newton, Delisle, Rankine, Reamur and Romer.

Download the Latest Calculatormatik

Calculatormatik also contains several tools such as stopwatch, password generator, character number calculator to count the number of certain characters or the total number of all characters in a word or sentence, date calculator to calculate the difference in days, and last but not least is a painting calculator to estimate the number of liters of paint needed to paint doors and windows. Download the latest and free Calculatormatik via the link below:


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