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Download the Latest BlackBerry Link 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest BlackBerry Link Developer: BlackBerry
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 152MB

Not all electronic devices one and the other can communicate with other devices, this is because indeed some of these devices are built on different platforms. To be able to synchronize or connect the device usually the manufacturer provides software so that the device can be connected.

No exception with Blackberry mobile devices, for those of you who want to carry out cross-platform activities between Blackberry and your computer, then you need to install software called BlackBerry Link.

Use of BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry Link or previously referred to by the name BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Desktop Manager, is used to synchronize media and backup / restore device data between a BlackBerry Playbook tablet or BlackBerry 10 smartphone and computer. BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and BlackBerry 10 smartphones are the only devices compatible with the application, except for devices that recognize BlackBerry 5.x to 7.x device software for initial data transfer to your BlackBerry 10. smartphone.

To access, synchronize , and manage content with BlackBerry smartphones running 7.x and lower devices, BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows and Macintosh, so you have to install this software. And don't forget that an active internet connection is also required to download / install this software . In addition to synchronizing your PC with your BlackBerry device, this software will also fix common computer errors, protect you from lost files, malware, hardware failures, and optimize your PC for maximum performance.

BlackBerry Link is very easy to use, but it is currently not compatible on computers with the Windows 10 operating system. BlackBerry Link can also be used to transfer songs, videos, and images on the new device that you have. By using BlackBerry Link you will find it easy to manage and synchronize your hardware.

Download the Latest BlackBerry Link

When you first connect your computer with your BlackBerry device, you will immediately get a notification message to be able to install this software. , so that it can increase comfort and convenience as well as maximum access speed for your BlackBerry.

Your data can be backed up safely so that whenever you need you can retract the data that you saved without worrying about being damaged or lost. The Library display will feel the same as in your device so you only need to drag and drop certain items on your device.

You will also get software updates more easily through messages displayed by BlackBerry Link. Download the latest and free BlackBerry Link via the link below:


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