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Download the Latest BatteryCare 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest BatteryCare Developer: BatteryCare
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 1MB

BatteryCare is a software or software created or designed to optimize the use and performance of modern laptop batteries.

This software is able to monitor the battery's debut cycle and help increase durability and increase the life or lifetime of laptop batteries. As the name implies, this software is intended for users who want to increase the life span of laptop batteries .

BatteryCare is best used when the battery is still functioning properly. That is because monitoring by Softare can run or be carried out more optimally.

Features and Advantages of BatteryCare

 Download the Latest BatteryCare

Latest BatteryCare Display

Battery Care users will be signaled if the user's laptop is fully charged and according to the size of the voltage produced. The thing that needs to be known by people who want to use this software is that the file size of BatteryCare is very small, which is only 1.47 MB. Some of the features and advantages of BatteryCare can be listened to below:

  • BatteryCare has features as Battery’s discharge cycles monitoring or if understood to function as monitoring the battery usage cycle. This software is able to run sophisticated and accurate algorithms in recording when the battery has been completed. when the user is charging a laptop battery, BatteryCare will give a notice to remind that a full charge needs to be done.
  • BatteryCare also has a feature as an Automatic Power Plans System. This software can manage battery resources when on a laptop. BatteryCare helps regulate using high performance mode or can also use power saving mode automatically when the laptop.
  • BatteryCare can assist in reading CPU and HD temperatures. This will help users to know whether the CPU and HD are too hot or not. In the temperature display can be adjusted through the settings with a choice between Celsius or Fahrenheit units.
  • BatteryCare is also capable of making automatic powerplan changes. Powerpkan in can be selected into three types namely power saving, balanced and high performance. Users can manage it by adjusting the power plan automatically under certain conditions.
  • BatteryCare also has information or a notification that will remind the user of what needs to be known. For example charging status, temperature, time remaining, and power plan.
  • BatteryCare has an auto update feature that makes it easy for users to update features without downloading the latest version.

Download the Latest BatteryCare

In addition, the license of this one software aka free of charge so that users do not need to spend to be able to enjoy the features possessed by this Battery Care software.

Not only does it stop at free licenses, but in terms of system requirements, this software can be used or run on windows the old and the most recent. BatteryCare has a variety of features that can support the durability and strength of a user's laptop battery. In addition, the following features are owned by BatteryCare. Download the latest and free BatteryCare via the link below:


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