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Download the Latest Bandizip 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Bandizip Developer: Bandisoft
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 7MB

Bandizip compresses files by utilizing License: Freeware Size: 7MB

Bandizip compresses files by utilizing multi-core technology so that the process becomes faster. Compressed files can also be locked with a password and encrypted using the AES256 algorithm. To extract archive files, Bandizip offers more flexibility so that archive files can be extracted in various ways.

Bandizip is intended for Windows Vista to Windows 10, supports Unicode, can check the integrity of several archive files at once, can delete archive files that have been extracted automatically, can display the contents of archives in the context menu, and can view images in the archive without extract.

Bandizip Features and Benefits

 Download the Latest Bandizip

Bandizip Display

Bandizip really indulges its users in extracting archive files. There are several methods to do this, but the most interesting is that you can extract the archive by double clicking. This option is available in the Double-click Action menu.

In that menu, you can choose what actions Bandizip should take when you double-click an archive file. Some options are extracting the archive in another folder, opening the archive, displaying the context menu, creating a folder to extract the archive, or running the smart extract method. How to work smart extract as follows. If the contents of the archive contain more than one file, Bandizip will create a folder to hold the files. If the contents of an archive contain one file or folder, then the contents of the archive will be extracted as is.

To extract large archive files, the Fast Drag and Drop option can speed up the process. Usually the archive file is extracted to a temporary folder first before then being copied to the destination folder. As a result, the extraction process takes longer. By activating Fast Drag and Drop, archive files will be directly extracted to the destination folder.

The search feature in the archive can also help in certain situations. For example when you open an archive file that is more than 1 GB in size and contains thousands of files, all you need is one file. By pressing Ctrl + F, you can immediately find the file to extract it.

Download the Latest Bandizip

Compressing files is also made just as easy. If you very often choose the .7z format, then you can install a shortcut to that format in the context menu. This method allows you to compress files to the .7z format by right clicking without having to open the Bandizip main window.

Support for multi-core, High Speed ​​Archiving features, and File Exclusion are Bandizip features that serve to accelerate the compression process. High Speed ​​Archiving functions to ignore files that if compressed will actually produce an archive file that is larger in size. Whereas File Exclusion functions to ignore certain files. In addition there is also an option to automatically ignore Thumbs.db so that it is not included in the compression process. Download the latest and free X via the link below:


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