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Download the Latest Bandicam Screen Recorder 2019 (Free Download)

Download Bandicam Screen Recorder – Bandicam Screen Recorder gives you the flexibility to record anything you do on a computer screen such as recording what steps you take in editing a photo with Photoshop, recording how you play a game which is popular, or recording with a webcam when chatting with other people via the internet.

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a digital product released to the public by applying the freemium concept so that there are some features that have limited use. For example, the maximum video duration is only 10 minutes. In addition there is a watermark inserted in each video produced from the recording results.

Key Features Bandicam Screen Recorder

 Download the Latest Bandicam Screen Recorder

Display Bandicam Screen Recorder

1. Screen Recording

There are three recording modes that can be selected. Fullscreen for recording the entire screen. Rectangle which is divided into two, namely Rectangle on a screen whose size has been set (eg 640 × 360, 640 × 480, 1920 × 1080) and Select a recording area where users can freely determine the size of the recording area.

The last is the mode Around to record the area around the mouse cursor. In other words, the recording area changes according to the direction of the cursor.

2. Game Recording

Bandicam Screen Recorder can record any game that uses DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan technology. To start you just need to run the Band Screen Recorder first, then activate Game Recording Mode, and then run the desired game. To start recording, press the F12 hotkey button on the keyboard.

Further settings can be found on the FPS menu. In the menu you can limit FPS (Frame Per Second) and choose to hide or display FPS information in real time on the game screen. There is also a hotkey option for activating and deactivating the FPS limit and for moving the FPS information on the screen.

3. Device Recording

This mode allows you to record webcam, iPhone, IPTV, iPad or other multimedia devices connected to a PC. You can also use a webcam like the gaming Youtuber who puts his face video on the screen corner while playing games, but for that you have to activate the option Add webcam overlay first at Bandicam Screen Recorder.

Background webcam video displayed on the screen of the game can also be removed to make it appear unified with the game. The name of the feature that needs to be activated for the effect that is often used for Hollywood films is Chroma Key.

If you include a webcam video when making a video tutorial, then besides Chroma Key, another option that you also need to activate is the option to display cursor and click-to-mouse effect.

Download Bandicam Screen Recorder

Finally, Bandicam Screen Recorder provides a feature to stop video recording automatically based on file size or duration. You also can reduce the size of video files by reducing video quality, lowering FPS, and recording without audio. Download the latest and free Band Screen Recorder, via the link below:


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