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Download the Latest Balabolka 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Balabolka Developer: Cross + A
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 18MB

When you are not have a chance to read an ebook, Balabolka can read it so you can listen to it while doing other work. Balabolka uses the computer sound installed in Windows to read the ebook.

Balabolka supports a variety of document formats including formats that are often used to create ebooks, namely PDF, EPUB and MOBI. All files created by Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc, and OpenOffice Impress can also be read by Balabolka.

Features and Benefits of Balabolka

 Download the Latest Balabolka

Latest Balabolka Views

] You can load documents into Balabolka by pressing the Open button on the toolbar. The contents of the document will then be displayed in the document area. Text can also be pasted directly into Balabolka if you only want to listen to certain parts of a file.

In reading text, Balabolka uses the mouse cursor as a marker. Wherever the cursor is placed in the document area, Balabolka will start reading from the position of the cursor. If you want to listen from the second page, you only need to place the cursor on the second page.

Balabolka can be paused to stop reading for a while. As long as Balabolka is paused, the text cannot be edited and you also cannot change the sound, for example changing Microsoft David's voice to Microsoft Zira's. You must first press the stop button to do this.

Text can also be converted to audio format. This means you can still listen to the contents of the text even if you are on the move outside the home. After saving it in MP3, MP4, OGG or WAV format, you can transfer the file to your cellphone before leaving home.

You do not have to convert the whole text from beginning to end. By using the cursor, the text can be partially converted. For example, if you place the cursor at the beginning of the third page, the text that will be converted to audio is the third page to the end page.

Apart from going through the Balabolka interface, the conversion process can also be done in File Explorer by right-clicking on the file, and then selecting one audio format provided. In this way you can convert files one by one. If you want to convert several files at once, you must run Balabolka and open the Batch File Converter window.

Download the Latest Balabolka

By converting text to audio and then saving it on your mobile, you can access the file at any time, including when you outside the house. When you're at home, when you want to go to sleep but still want to listen, you can also use the timer feature in Balabolka. After reaching the time limit or after the text has finished reading, the timer will close Balabolka or turn off the computer. Download the latest and free Balabolka via the link below:


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