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Download the Latest Arduino IDE 2019 (Free Download)

 Latest Download of Arduino IDE Developer: Arduino Team
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 106MB

Download Arduino IDE – Arduino is a single board micro controller on electronic devices. This board is open source in nature and is a derivative of the Wiring Platform. For those of you who often work on a robotics program or electronic devices, of course you are already familiar with this one programming board.

The name of the software is Arduino IDE. This software is software that can be used to create a programming system on Arduino. This Arduino IDE acts as a text editor that serves to edit, create, and validate the programming code . Amazingly, the Arduino IDE can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and also Linux.

Arduino IDE Menu Display and Functions

 Latest Arduino IDE Downloads

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Display menus presented by Arduino IDE actually more or less the same as the display of other program-making software. But the difference is that the Arduino IDE uses a modern programming language that is easier to understand when you use it. The explanation for each part of the Arduino IDE menu is:

1. Verifiy Code

If there is an error in the code, the program will not work. This is why the Arduino IDE provides a verify menu on the software. Formerly the verify code menu was called compile. Where if there is a skecth error that you made then an error message will appear immediately. Then verify this code that will change it and upload it to the microcontroller.

2. Upload

As the name implies, this button serves to upload the finished sketch to the Arduino board. Even though you don't use verify first and immediately upload, the sketch can be automatically verified.

3. New, Open, Save Sketch

The new sketch button functions to create a new skecth. While the open sketch button, you can open the sketch file stored on the computer with the .ino extension. Then the save ketch button saves the finished sketch without being verified first.

4. Serial Monitor

Serial monitor functions to open serial interface communication.

5. Application description

All processes carried out by buttons on the Arduino IDE will appear in the description of this application.

6. Console log

The verify button has been explained if sktech is wrong, error information will appear. Now the error information is displayed on the console log menu.

7. Sketch line

There are lots of cursor lines on the sketch that are in the Arduino IDE menu display. The number of active cursor lines will appear on the sketch line.

8. Board and port

The board and port menu provides information about the ports and boards used by Arduino.

Download the Latest Arduino IDE

The use of Arduino in building a robotics component is fairly easy and fast enough to understand. So many beginners and professional robotics makers use Arduino. Now Arduino is developing a software that can make the programming process on Arduino even easier and faster. Download the latest and free Arduino IDE via the link below:


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