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Download the Latest AIDA64 2019 (Free Download)

AIDA64 is software used to display device specifications in more detail. Usually to see the device specifications, you can see it through the settings menu. But not all information is displayed in detail there. For this reason, this software is used. This software is available for various devices from Windows to Android. By using this software you can see all the details of the device starting from the CPU, screen, battery and so forth.

The appearance of this software is very simple and easy to understand. The form looks like a pivot that displays various details. Usually the details displayed are mostly technical data such as pixel size and so on. It might be difficult to understand well. But some of the data that appears there are also easy to understand. By using this software you can display what data details are needed.

That way you can find out and measure the performance of each component that makes up the device. With this software you can also more easily detect damage that might occur. If the problem can be resolved quickly, it will not spread to other components. You can also find out whether the software is compatible with the device or not.

Features and Benefits of AIDA64

 Download the Latest AIDA64

Latest AIDA64 Display

To be able to use this feature correctly you need to know what features are available inside it. The following will be described below some of the features available at AIDA64.


This software is able to provide even the smallest device details. There are more than 50 kinds of information that will be displayed in details such as licenses, settings, installed applications, security, etc.


This software is equipped with the ability to be able to find out details about voltage, fan speed, measuring temperature and how much power that will be drawn by the device. This is unusual information and can only be obtained through this software.


This software can measure how fast a device can do data processing. All parts of memory and RAM will be calculated and informed.

External Display Support

This software can also display hardware systems that are connected to the device. So that this software can also display the details of the LCD used by the computer. Besides this software is able to display any remote monitor that can be used by mobile phones.

Download the Latest AIDA64

That is a complete explanation of the description and features contained in AIDA64. By knowing in full then you can easily take advantage of this software. How to use it is quite easy. This software has high accuracy so that it can display more specific details.

You can do a hardware trial to be able to find out the problem that occurred. If the hardware is still running well then the whole system can work perfectly. This software is very popular with users because it can provide detailed information on a device. Download the latest and free AIDA64 via the link below:


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