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Download the Latest Affinity Photo 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest Affinity Photo Developer: Serif
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 284MB

Affinity Photo is software a photo processor with features that rival Adobe Photoshop but is lighter and cheaper. The software developed by Serif is capable of processing PSD and RAW photos, making HDR and panoramic photos, frequency separatio n to edit high frequency and low frequency elements separately, supporting the Adobe Photoshop plugin and others.

To run Affinity Photo on Windows, you need at least the .NET Framework 4.7.2. If the computer you use still doesn't have it, Affinity Photo will download and install it for you.

Features and Benefits of Affinity Photo

 Download the Latest Affinity Photo

Display the Latest Affinity Photo

Panorama Photos

It's easy to create panoramic photos from a series of photos with Affinity Photo. All you need to do is gather all the photos you need in one folder, then merge the photos by clicking Stitch Panorama .

Then the merge results can be reviewed in the preview. Panorama generated from this software algorithm can be edited if there is still something that needs to be improved. The gap that is still visible in some parts can be overcome by using the Inpainting Brush.

Inpainting Brush

This feature is the same as Adobe Photoshop's content aware but relatively easier. To use it, find and click the Inpainting Brush Tool, change the brush size to make it easier to select objects, then make selections as usual. The selected object will be erased and replaced by a color or background which is exactly the same as the area around the object.

For example, a bicycle is erased, while the background is a green wall. Then the bicycle will be removed and replaced by the wall.

Comparing Before and After Edited Photos

There are two modes for comparing original photos with photos edited. The first is Split View which displays photos with a border in the middle. This boundary line can be shifted right and left. The second is Mirror View which displays the original and edited photo in two adjoining panels.

In addition, the Sync Before option functions to apply the photo settings in in the After panel to the photos in the Before panel. For example, if the photo in the After panel is a black and white photo, the photo in the Before panel will also be changed to black and white. Thus the two photos become exactly the same.

There is also an option Swap whose function is to exchange photo settings. The photo settings in the Before panel are moved to the After panel, and the photo settings in the After panel are moved to the Before panel.

Download the Latest Affinity Photo

Many photographers have recognized the greatness of Affinity Photo. Although not as complete as Adobe Photoshop, but in some ways Affinity Photo is able to do it faster and easier. Two of them have already been mentioned above, namely making panoramic photos and deleting objects with inpainting brush. Download the latest and free Affinity Photos via the link below:


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