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Download the Latest Adaware Antivirus 2019 (Free Download)

 Download Adaware Antivirus Developer: Adaware
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 575MB

Adaware Antivirus offers protection without stop the threat of malware whose methods of distribution increasingly vary along with the development of the technology itself. In addition to real-time protection, there is also an on-access scan feature that scans automatically when a file is accessed and an on-demand scan that allows the user to determine the scanning time.

Adaware Antivirus is divided into Adaware Antivirus Free and Adaware Antivirus Pro. In the free version, all premium features are clearly marked. Unlike the case with a number of other antiviruses that do not mark premium features, which makes users feel trapped many times because they are greeted with a message to buy the Pro version every time they want to access these features.

Adaware Antivirus

 Features Download Adaware Antivirus

Display of Adaware Antivirus

Adaware Antivirus allows you to do a full scan in one click. Of course you can also choose Quick Scan whenever you need. Custom scan features are also available so that scanning can be done selectively. Not to forget, the scan can be scheduled to run at a certain time. And when you find a file that is doubtful, the file can be directly scanned via the right-click menu in File Explorer .

To further speed up scanning, you can add files and folders to the exclusion list ) so it won't be scanned again in the next scanning process. The more files that are inserted, the faster the scan is complete and the lower the resources needed.

For those of you who frequently download files from the internet, Adaware Antivirus has a special feature to scan all the files that you download. If you find that a file contains malware or is considered suspicious, you can choose to quarantine it, ignore it or immediately delete it right away.

Adaware Antivirus also features a silent mode feature. This feature is quite important because it can affect the user's comfort at certain times. For example when playing games. When this feature is active, all notifications will be turned off so that users can concentrate fully on whatever they do. There will be no interruptions from Adaware Antivirus.

Download Adaware Antivirus

Adaware Antivirus pays more attention to system performance. This can be seen from the Performance Settings menu. This menu provides several options to set how much resources are allocated for scanning.

High option to obtain maximum scanning speed but requires the most resources, Medium option to slightly suppress resource usage, and Low option to minimize resource consumption by reduce scanning speed as low as possible.

In closing, Adaware Antivirus is a unique antivirus because it can be used in conjunction with other antiviruses. If you are not satisfied with the antivirus you are using, you can uninstall the antivirus or try running it together with Adaware Antivirus. Download the latest and free Adaware Antivirus via the link below:


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