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Download the Latest 3DMark 2019 (Free Download)

 Download the Latest 3DMark Developer: Futuremark
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 5.3GB

Download the Latest 3DMark License: Freeware Size: 5.3GB

Download the Latest 3DMark 19659008] – 3DMark is software to be able to benchmark graphics cards, this activity is needed to find out if your computer has specifications that are capable of running a game.

3DMark is able to calculate rendering performance, measure workload capacity, and calculate CPU processing speed. This device is not only intended for entertainment purposes but can also be used for commercial purposes. 3Dmark is also a software that can help you to test your graphics card Overclocking capabilities.

Features and Uses 3DMark

 Download the Latest 3DMark

Latest 3DMark Display

After you install this software, you will be able to see Your computer performance . This device will scan your hardware and even be able to advise you on what setting recommendations are most suitable for your computer.

On this device you will have a number of test options whatever you want, so that they are in accordance with any information needs for can describe the performance of your hardware. You not only see CPU performance, graphics cards, or RAM, but you can also see the temperature and clockspeed of your hardware.

3Dmark is also a multi-platform software that can run on a variety of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and even Android . So it's not only your computer that you can monitor its performance, but also other devices such as smartphones and tablets. That way, not only operating system can you control, but you can also plan a budget system.

In scoring, 3Dmark does not implement a single scoring system. 3Dmark performs several types of individual scoring consisting of Ice Storm, Fire Strike, and Cloud Gate. For the Ice Storm test, this test is intended for devices such as smartphones, ultrabooks, tablets, and PCs with low specifications. Ice Storm can benchmark with the DirectX 11 standard only for the Direct3d feature, but is ideal for testing on Directx 9 devices.

Download the Latest 3DMark

In displaying test scores, 3Dmark has many improvements that can record FPS, GPU, and temperature The CPU. Besides 3Dmark can also measure the performance and speed of the CPU clock and displayed on a more interactive graphical display.

In addition, users can also adjust the scale and diagrams so that they can focus on certain testing when benchmarking. This display also has tooltips that can access information more efficiently and quickly. Download the latest and free 3DMark via the link below:


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