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Download the Latest 2019 Quick Heal Total Security (Free Download)

Quick Heal Total Security is software that can secure your computer from all types of security breaches such as spyware, ransomware, trojans, viruses, and so on. Quick Heal Total Security can also be used to maintain safe online banking transactions, perform smooth internet browsing, and strong protection for your PC.

Quick Heal Total Security has many features, including the Parental Control feature. This feature can help you manage and control Internet access and computers for your children.

Quick Heal Total Security also protects your computer from ransomware attacks. That is a program that is implanted on your computer to steal your data. Quick Heal Total Security will provide complete protection for your data in real time, supported by the ability to detect suspicious behavior, this allows Quick Heal Total Security to detect new unknown ransomware.

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Quick Heal Total Security is also equipped with webcam protection feature, so it can protect your privacy while in front of a computer screen. This feature blocks malicious programs from accessing your webcam, but still allows you to give permission to any application that you allow to be able to access the webcam.

This software will also block e-mails that carry links to fake websites or in words others prevent phishing scams. Quick Heal Total Security can block data theft without permission from your computer. This not only ensures data security but also reduces the risk of transferring malicious files.

The Parental Control feature is also presented in this software which allows parents to limit children from visiting unwanted websites. In addition, this feature can also restrict children from accessing applications such as game programs, message processing devices, media players, etc. As well as keeping a schedule so that children can only access the computer on certain days and times.

Quick Heal Total Security also supports the backup function or automatic backup so that your data can be saved and can be taken back by you when you need it again. This is necessary in order to save your data from loss when a ransomware attack occurs. This feature automatically makes a backup of all your important files to an external device that you own.

Quick Heal Total Security can automatically detect unsafe and potentially dangerous websites, thus preventing you from visiting the site. Quick Heal Total Security is able to scan for other applications on your system that might have security holes. This if left unchecked can make hackers hijack your computer and endanger the security of your data.

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Quick Heal Total Security also has an Anti-Keylogger feature, a program that is infiltrated to your computer to record what you are type on the keyboard when you do online banking or steal your password.

The scanning process performed by Quick Heal Total Security takes shorter time without using too much of your system's memory. This scan also applies to maintain the protection of your Flash Drive. This feature automatically scans for external drives when connected to your PC, as well as blocking autorun infections. Download the latest Quick Heal Total Security for free via the link below:

[Windows 32 Bit] [Windows 64 Bit]

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