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Download the Latest 2019 mHotspot (Free Download)

 Latest download of mHotspot Developer: mHotspot
OS: Windows
License: Freeware
Size: 1.3MB

If you ever think how do you install your own hotspot at home, then you will automatically think about the usage costs in advance, not to mention the initial installation costs that are usually quite expensive.

But now you don't need to think about that anymore, because if you want to have a hotspot that you have prepared only a laptop or computer that has a wifi network device, and additional software, namely mHotspot.

mHotspot is a third-party software capable of creating a hotspot service using a laptop device, using mHotspot and your Windows 7 and 8 operating systems will have a hotspot device that can be enjoyed by other devices, such as smartphones or laps. another top.

Why are only windows 7 and 8? because the Windows 10 operating system already provides devices like this, so this is specifically for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users only.

Features and Advantages of mHotspot

  1. The mHotspot application allows you to share internet resources to many other users, at least you can share the connection to 10 other users, which means your hotspot can be connected to 10 other devices.
  2. By using the mHotspot application you can set your hotspot id name at will without any conditions.
  3. Take internet resources from various connections that are connected to your laptop, basically whatever internet you use, everything can be shared via mHotspot.
  4. You can monitor various devices connected via the mHotspot that you have, even you can find out the name the laptop, ip address and mac address they use.
  5. mHotspot provides monitoring sum power you and your mHotspot user use, so you can control the use of bandwidth.

Using the mHotspot application will allow you to share a single internet network, such as LAN, Ethernet, data connections, 3G , 4G to be shared with other internet users who have wifi device services too, this device is like a personal hotspot service on a smartphone which is commonly called tathering. By using mHotspot on your laptop, you don't need any additional devices such as routers, access points or other network devices.

Latest mHotspot downloads

Like other hotspots that are broadcast elsewhere, using mHotspot also provides guaranteed security , mHotspot provides several types of security to secure your data connection, from the application control you can also set various kinds of settings such as hotspot id and password.

Besides that you can also set which internet resources you will share via mHotspot. The number of user limits that can be connected to your hotspot can also be limited, and you can control it via the monitor available on the mHotspot interface. Download the latest and free mHotspot via the link below:


mHotspot is software that can be used to create portable hotspots easily, without the need for complicated configuration.


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