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Download the 7 Latest Sticky Notes 2019 (Free Download)

7 Sticky Notes is a freeware that functions to create and display small notes on the Windows desktop. You are free to make any notes, but in general 7 Sticky Notes are often used to make to-do lists, to note ideas that suddenly arise after reading certain information, and to organize daily activities.

Of course you can take notes with Notepad, but they cannot be displayed on the desktop at any time. Unlike the case with 7 Sticky Notes. Any notes that it generates can always be found on the desktop unless you deliberately hide it.

Features 7 Sticky Notes

 Download 7 Latest Sticky Notes

Display 7 Latest Sticky Notes

Of the many sticky notes software that are available in free, 7 Sticky Notes has the most alluring look of the notes. Each note appears in a color gradation with a drop shadow effect that appears on the bottom and right sides.

The display color can also be set to change automatically each time a note is created. The colors include yellow which is the default color, green, red, blue, white, pink, and purple. This color variation makes the desktop look more lively and not boring.

So that each note can be identified quickly, you can group notes by color. For example, red for urgent to-do lists and blue for activities that are not so important as download songs . In addition, each note can also be given a different title.

To anticipate the accumulation of the number of notes, Notes Manager is available. With this feature, you can organize notes into different folders. For example, a folder to hold notes containing ideas, folders for pending tasks, or other folders. You can also choose which folders need to be displayed on the desktop. After a folder is selected, the notes in it will also appear, while the notes in other folders will be hidden from the desktop.

Download 7 Latest Sticky Notes

In addition to making notes, 7 Sticky Notes also functions as a task reminder because every note can be set an alarm. This alarm sounds at a certain time every day, every week, every month or every year, depending on the schedule you have set previously. In addition, the alarm can also sound every hour, every few hours or every few days. You can also activate the Always on top mode for each alarm note.

By using 7 Sticky Notes, your activities will feel more organized. You also will not forget the schedule thanks to the alarm feature. Priority tasks can also be displayed on the desktop all the time so you can really focus on completing all those tasks. Download the 7 latest Sticky Notes for free via the link below:


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