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Download SQL Server Management Studio 2019 (Free Download)

Before discussing SQL Server Management Studio, maybe you should first understand what SQL Server is. SQL Server is a database that can be used to manage a server system as well as a back-end database manager in the business world. In using SQL Server, then you need additional software called SQL Server Management Studio. This software can make it easier for administrators to process databases in SQL Server

This software has a graphical user interface (GUI) interface as well as a SQL script display so that it can provide more choices for database administrators to process databases on SQL Server according to their needs and level of expertise.

The function of SQL Server Management Studio

 Download SQL Server Management Studio

Display SQL Server Management Studio

In a SQL server there are database objects in the form of databases, queries, views, stored procedures, and others. By using SQL Server Management Studio, Administrators can perform various activities in managing databases . Such as setting up user accounts, backing up databases, replicating databases, and sending data between other databases, and many other functions.

Using an GUI interface allows novice administrators to easily manage databases. So that everyone is able to manage SQL Server without struggling with script code. But for administrators who have a higher level of proficiency there is an option to manage SQL server using SQL Server scripts. So that with the presence of these two options users can choose to use the GUI interface or with SQL script code according to necessity and convenience. You can even use these two options at the same time.

The main feature in SQL Server Management Studio is Object Explorer. Object Explorer functions to display and navigate databases, objects, log files, etc. that are on the server. Administrators can create as many databases as possible by using SQL Server Management Studio. Simultaneously connects all desired database servers.

The combination of SSMS features comes from Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer and Analysis Manager, along with features included in previous SQL Server releases. SSMS provides tools to configure, manage, and manage Microsoft SQL Server instances, and integrate various tools to facilitate the management of SQL Server.

Download SQL Server Management Studio

However, in using SQL Server Management Studio administrators must always pay attention in running SQL script on the right server. For this reason the administrator must always check the tab title to find out which server is on which the administrator is located.

SQL Server Management Studio has features to configure, monitor, and manage all SQL infrastructure. You can use SSMS to monitor and upgrade data components used in SQL, including creating queries and scripts. Download the latest and free SQL Server Management Studio via the link below:


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